These Five Incredible Suggestions From Miracle Man Sriram Sir Changed My Life

What metaphysical masters taught me through their works all these years, is not more than what I have learnt from a detached dew drop on a Lotus leaf in less than a couple of hours – Sriram Sir

If you are someone who is, for the first time, reading about Sriram Sir and preparing to know more about His five incredible suggestions to me, then my dear friend, there are also five very important things that you must first do, before you start reading this article..

Here we go..

Firstly, you must know who Sriram Sir is and why is that am calling Him a miracle man.

Secondly, you must thank your beloved parents for their invaluable upbringing that has made you eligible to know about Sriram Sir, today.

Thirdly, you must thank this human world, not only for giving you a place to live in but also for allowing you to do what you want to do and what you wish to do.

Fourthly, you must thank Sriram Sir Himself for choosing you and taking you into His divine fold.

Finally, you must thank the Mother Nature for giving our planet this most precious gift called, ‘Sriram Sir’ who is not only the ‘Daivam Maanusha Rupena” (God in human form) but also the divine ‘Beacon Of Our Life’ for a life beyond life.. PEACE

Now, please Click Here to first read the six part life changing incredible true story series that I was blessed to write about Sriram Sir.. This story will tell you Who Sriram Sir is and what made me say He’s “Diavam Maanusha Rupena”..

Many readers all over the world were stunned after reading my story on Sir and quite a few of them have even attended Sir’s recent meeting held at the Harvard University in Boston, USA..

All these readers are now thanking me endlessly for bringing Sriaram Sir into their life, however, you don’t need to do that, because “He’s the Designer and am just a tool in His hands”.. PERIOD

Now, here are the five incredible suggestions that Sriram Sir had given me during the most difficult phases of my life.. Believe me.. These five invaluable suggestions have completely transformed my life and I sincerely wish they transform your life as well.

Please go through..

!). It’s Better To Be Healthily Insensitive Than To Be Unhealthily Sensitive

During those days of 2000, in which year Sriram Sir had entered my life, I was one sensitive guy who would always worry about the happenings around this world; about the calamities in our Nature; about the tragedies in the lives of people; and about the pains my own people were going through in their personal lives.

This sensitive Nature of mine would always keep me engrossed in sad thoughts all the time.. This was in addition to the numerous problems I was personally facing in my professional life, those days.

This constant worrying process in me had, over a period of time, thrown me into complete disarray and great depression.

“Everyone is worried about problems in their life.. That is natural and understandable.. But why should I break my head about problems that people, who are totally unrelated to me, are going through.. How far is this good for me, my family or for my health”..

My intellect would always keep asking me this one question, during those days. but failed to find an answer.. Those were also the days, I would constantly meet Sriram Sir at the St.Ann’s High School bus stop in the Maredaplly area of Secunderabad..

Sir’s daughter Sowmya was a student of that school, those days..

Sir would come there everyday at 8.15 a.m, to drop Sowmya at the school; spend about half an hour time with followers like me; and then proceed straight to the Institute Of Electronics in Maredaplly where he was working as an English Lecturer, those days.

This was the daily routine of Sriram Sirm for several years.. Many of us were lucky to meet Him, whenever we wanted to and whenever we wished to.. (Philosophically speaking, “what is wanting and who are we to wish for anything, when it is He who decides who should meet Him and when we should meet Him”)

During one such divine meetings with Him, I told Him about the sensitive state of my mind.. It was then He told me,

“Aditya, what use is that if you are worried about problems you are in no way responsible for .. In the cosmic scheme of things, it is He who gives the problem and it is also He would give the solution.. Until then, there’s nothing that either you could do or the sufferer..

Then, why fret about the world you have not created; worry about people you are in no way related to; and brood over the human drama, wherein you are just a character who is destined to act and dance according to the script He had written and the tunes He had composed ..

However, Aditya, by saying so am not asking you not be sympathetic towards people around you or to the world, but am only asking you to be only sympathetic and not be empathetic because such a state of mind, over a period of time, spoils your health and also your everything .. Therefore, it is better to be healthily insensitive than to be unhealthily sensitive..”.

Golden words were they that changed my life thereafter, more so my thought process, but gradually and not drastically.. Now, here’s the second one..

2). You Should Always Be More Careful About Other People’s Carelessness

In the month of April, 2007, I have decided to visit, along with my family, the holy Temple town of Bhadrachalam to have darsan of Lord Sri Kodandarama Swamy.. This place is about two hundred kilometers from my home city of Hyderabad, so I thought of going there by car, driving myself.

Just a couple of hours before leaving for Bhadrachalam, that day, I thought of meeting Sriram Sir and inform him about my journey.. So, went to the St.Ann’s High School bus stop, at about 8.15 a.m, along with my 16 – year old elder daughter, Alekhya Komaragiri..

Sir came and after speaking to a couple of other followers in the bus stop, came to the place where I and my daughter were standing.. After a few initial words, I told Him about my drive down to the Temple town.

He first asked me, “who all are going”.. I said, “Sir, myself, my wife, my two daughters and my mother – in- law”..

He, then asked me “How are you going”.. I said , “By road.. Going by my car..”.. After discussing with my daughter for a couple of minutes about her studies, He finally said, “all the best Aditya.. Offer my Pranams too to Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy varu..”

I thanked Him for the blessings and just when I was about to leave Him, He paused me and with a gentle yet an invisible smile only He in this Universe owns, said, “Aditya, you should always be more careful about other people’s carelessness..”.

Although, I didn’t understand why He suddenly said so, I said, “Thank you very much Sir” and quietly boarded my car.. After going a little distance, my daughter, unable to hold her curiosity, asked me,”Dad, why did Sriram Sir say that you must be more careful about other people’s carelessness”.

With a smile, I said, “How do I know dear.. He’s God.. When He said so, there must be some reason behind that.. Or may be He’s giving us some indication since we are going on a long drive.. Who knows..”.

Then my innocent daughter had told me, “Dad, I think it’s not even an indication but a warning from Sir.. He’s warning you about something.. Why don’t we hire a private car and go..”

Smiling loudly, this time, I said, “Don’t worry sweetheart.. He knows everything and He will take care of us.. Our family is under His constant protection so no force can touch us.. Just relax and enjoy our journey today..”

Although, I have given her the assurance, I myself had the same doubt in my mind but didn’t dare to speak out.

Later, at about 10.30 am, that day, we had started our journey to the Temple town of Bhadrachalam, in my car, unaware of what is in store for us that day and why did Sriram Sir had said so, that morning.

However, after about a couple of hours of super fast driving on the highway, both myself and my daughter had gotten the most appropriate answer to all the doubts we had thus far in our mind.

At about 12.30..


I was driving the car at a speed of 120 kmph on the near empty road.. We were all enjoying, listening to songs and munching a few home made snacks.. Suddenly, at that speed, I have noticed a Red colored car going ahead of me, at a good speed..

I was just behind that car at a considerable distance.. It was only after travelling a little more distance, that I have, to my utter shock, noticed that, “that Red car was not going ahead but was speedily coming back towards me, in the reverse direction”..

My heart stopped for a moment because I was already at a very close distance to that Car..

And before I could even know what was happening to us and slow down my car, that Red car had come zooming towards my car and had almost hit us in the front of our car, at that same speed..

I panicked because I was still at a terrible speed and I know that if I suddenly apply brakes at that speed then that would be more fatal for us.. I had no time to think nor plan anything..

Then it happened..

As though someone had completely taken control of my steering, our Car suddenly took a sharp turn across the right; almost got down the road; again quickly got back on to it; then into complete control; and then into safe cruise, all along.. Godddddddddd..

In the meantime, I have pulled down my car window glasses and screamed at that stupid idiotic driver, calling him “Baaa%$#%rd”.. That filthy word had quietly vanished into the thick outside air that had suddenly entered our car..

And all that had happened in just a couple of seconds.. For a few minutes after that, all of us in the car had remained in a state of shock.. There was no other sound in the car, that moment, except the mellifluous voice of Kishore Kumar soulfully rendering my favorite,

“Sham tanhai ki hain.. Aayegi manzil kaise.. Jo mujhe raaha dikhaaye.. Wohi taara na rahaa.. Koi humdum na rahaa.. Koi sahaara na raha.. Hum kisi ke na rahe.. Koi humaaraa na rahaa””

That silence was too terrible for me to withstand, may be for everyone in the car.. Then just to cheer up the atmosphere, I took a deep breath and smiling loudly turned my face slightly towards my daughter, Alekhya, sitting in the rear seat and asked her,

“Sweetheart.. At least now, do you understand why Sriram Sir had told us in the morning to be more careful about other people’s carelessness ..??..”.. Still gasping for breath, she said, “Yeah Dad.. I do..”.. PEACE

Now, here’s the third one.

3). Real Wisdom Lies In Living With The Most Unwise People

I am a loner and I love my loneliness.. This tendency had made me very observing in my Nature and I silently keep observing people, wherever I am, whatever I do, and wherever I go..

Even today, I have this habit, though much lesser than before, and that forces me not only to observe people around me but also to read their minds and analyze their behavioral patterns ..

I know this is totally unnecessary for me but am just unable to overcome this weakness.. Kya karen.. Habits die hard.. Later, based on my observations, I always would ask myself the following questions.

“What a world am living in today.. How difficult life is to live with so many people who are so mean; so distasteful; so discourteous; so selfish; so loveless; so ruthless; so thankless; so emotionless; so fake; so masked; so cunning; so eccentric; so self centric; and also so full of ingratitude..??..”..

However, despite that constant questioning in me, I could never find a gratifying answer until that day I met Sriram Sir in some meeting.. After a few minutes of initial discussion, Sir had suddenly asked me,

“Aditya, do you know what is real wisdom..??”.. I said, “no Sir, I don’t know..”.. Then with a gentle smile, He said,

“There’s no point in trying to arrive at conclusions about people you come across in your life.. They are like co passengers in your train journey who spend some good time with you and then get down when their destination arrives..

Even if you have to travel all your life with them, remember, real wisdom lies in living with the most unwise people..”.. PERIOD

Do I need to say anything more here..

Now, here’s the fourth incredible suggestion.

4). Never Try To Judge People You Love The Most


With that love for my loneliness and my love for living in a shell of my own in complete solitude, I had, after some point of time, even gone to the extent of judging my own close friends and even my own brothers, sisters and other family members whom I love the most.

To be very honest with you, I shall unconditionally confess here that,

“The more I have started judging my own people, the more I have started finding faults in their Nature; mistakes in their ways of dealing with people; errors in their understanding of relationships and flaws in their maintenance of human values”..

I know it is not correct on my part to judge my own people that way but I just was unable to help myself.. With such a state of mind, I have started pushing myself more and more into complete loneliness disconnecting myself from the outside world.

My beloved Sriram Sir, Who I know is constantly beside me, Who is always observing my thoughts had told me one day,

“Aditya, there are millions of human beings living on this planet today.. Surprisingly, not even one looks like the other.. That is the beauty of His creation.. When one doesn’t look like the other then how can their minds think like the other.. Millions of people have millions of minds but not a single mind thinks like the other..

But we have no option.. We still have to live with them even though they are our own family members or close friends.. And life will be miserable if we try to judge everyone in our life mostly the ones whom we love the most.. If we do so, there won’t be peace except loneliness..

Therefore, never try to judge people you love the most or who matter to you the most.. And if you do so then there won’t be happiness in your life, forever..”..

5). A Smile On Your Lips Is The Most Powerful Prayer To God

Sometime during 2004, renowned Telugu – Tamil film producer, G V G. Raju, an ardent follower of Sriram Sir, had gifted me an amazing, in fact, a mind blowing photograph of Sriram Sir..

It was a large image in a size that is slightly larger than the Guinness Book Of World Records Book.. There was such great divinity in the whole image wherein Sriram Sir were in a very serious mood.. May be divine I should say..

However, the most mesmerizing thing in that image was the eyes of Sriram Sir that were looking deep into the skies as though marshaling the Cosmic forces there.. I don’t know who had shot this photograph but it’s a rare one I haven’t so far found anywhere or with anyone in my sixteen long years of association with Sir and His followers.

While giving that photograph to me, GVG had said, “Aditya, this is a rare photograph of Sir.. In all, only four or five copies must be there.. Am having two.. And giving you one.. Good luck..”..

I was so spellbound with that photograph that I got it immediately framed in a glass and had reverentially placed it in my Pooja room.. After a few days, in the same year, I met Sriram Sir in the Institute Of Electronics, Hyderabad..

During the conversation, I told Him,”Sir, GVG had given me a rare photograph of yours.. I have kept in the Pooja room and offering it prayers everyday.. Am even lighting incense sticks and also offering it Aarathi everyday..” (How innocent I was)..

With a little smile, Sir said, “When did I ask you to do all that, Aditya.. For that matter, which God had asked you to offer incense sticks or Aarathi to Him everyday.. These are just rituals invented by humans.. No God asks for them..

We are all His children and all that He wants from us is our cheerfulness.. So a smile on your lips is the most powerful prayer to God than all those prayers you are offering to Him through these rituals.. Keep smiling, Aditya, which you are rarely doing..”.. PEACE

(I shall not share that rare photograph of Sriram Sir with the world at least not until am ordained to share it)


Beloved Sriram Sir.. However, this is not the rare photograph I was referring to

Don’t you think am really blessed to receive such invaluable and incredible suggestions from Sriram Sir – the God Himself.. How many people on Earth are blessed with such an opportunity.. These suggestions have completely transformed my life and also my thought process..

In a way, they have helped me develop a completely new outlook towards the world and also towards the people am coming across in my life.. To be honest, I don’t say am not any more like what I was before but I would certainly say, “am much better than what I was before.. Say about sixty percent better, which is a very good improvement..”..

Most importantly, it was true that I rarely would smile those days because I was too bogged down by life and too saddened by the problems of the world.. Today, am a much transformed man and doing my best to spread smiles in others lives as well..

Scores of people who call me and talk to me from many parts of the world tell me, “we are feeling much better after talking to you.. We have in fact learned to smile again from you.. ”

Who did all this..??.. Who is behind all this drama..??.. Who molded this dead clay into one simple doll that is trying to bring joy into at least a few lives the world over.. ???.. Who..??.. Who..??.. Who..??.. Who..??.. Who..??.. Who..??..

With a noble intention of sharing with the world, the invaluable suggestions that I have received from “Daivam Maanusha Rupena” Sriram Sir, am presenting this life changing article before the world today.. Wish all my beloved readers benefit from this..


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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