Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Goddess Gayathri-Part Thirteen

Lord Siva And Parvathi

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After he lost an opportunity to view the sacred Kanch Peetham,the mystic Brahmin Nemani Subbarao and his wife Venkata Lakshmi stood shocked in the middle of the central hall of the Arya Vaisya Bhavan in Basara,where the Kanchi Peetham was placed in a specially erected chamber..

One by one,all the devotees who were there in that central hall,that time,started leaving the hall with utmost disappointment..However,just like Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi,a few devotees remained in that hall with a little hope that they may still get an opportunity to view the Kanchi Peetham..

But dashing all their hopes,the security personnel belonging to the Kanchi Mutt started sending out all those devotees still waiting in the hall..While a couple of guards started closing and locking the doors of the central hall,a couple of others started asking the devotees to leave the hall..

Finally,after making sure that all the devotees have left the central hall,one of the security guards slowly approached Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi – still standing in a state of deep shock and confusion in the North Eastern corner of the hall and right in front of the private chamber wherein the Kanchi Peetham was placed – and asked them to leave the hall..

At that time,except a couple of young 20 – year old priests belonging to the Kanchi Mutt and a few other personnel belonging to the security staff,there’s no one else in that central hall..

At that time,the entire central hall,that was fully alive just a few minutes ago with a lot of activity all around,was suddenly wearing a vacant look..

At that time,a security guard was very humbly asking Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi to leave the hall..

And Exactly At That Time,,

When Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi,with heavy hearts,turned to their left and were about to leave the hall; at that time when all the members of the security staff were walking out of that central hall for their next task; at that time when those couple of young priests were getting ready to leave for the Basara Temple to attend the next program

A lady journalist,wearing blue denim jeans and a saffron colored kurtha,came zooming into that central hall,with a cameraman,and literally pounced upon the holy priests of the Kanchi mutt,saying..

“..Hey boss..Am from a popular English news channel..Where’s that Kanchi Peetham..I have to shoot that for coverage in my channel..”

The ever less talking priests of the Kanchi Mutt,who were just shy filled kids until a few years ago and who at that moment were shocked with that lady journalist’s sudden verbal attack on them,tried to explain her,saying..

“..Madam..The Kanchi Peetham is a very sacred piece of art and should not be kept open for everyone,all the day..It’s there inside that chamber and we have already locked it from outside after His Holiness Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi left this place..We are neither authorized nor supposed to open it again,now..”

Not paying any attention to what the young priests were saying,the lady journalist with a little sarcasm in her voice,said,

“..Hey boss..What do you mean by not supposed to open yaar…You know I have come all the way from Bombay to cover this visit of Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi and Mr.Vijayendra Saraswathi to Basara..Now do you want me to go back empty handed to Bombay without shooting the sacred Kanchi Peetham..??.. Tell me yaar..”

The young priests who have never before in their life seen a lady talking to them in such a weird fashion, have remained stood in a state of shocked silence for a few seconds,as the lady continued..

“Boss,I don’t have much time to keep convincing you all the day..Please open the chamber..I will have to quickly finish my job here and gotta go to the temple..I have other important things to handle there.. Please understand yaar..”

The young priests were still adamant

After looking at them for a couple of seconds the lady journalist finally said,”By the way let me tell you..I have all the necessary permissions both from the government and also from the Kanchi Peetham to cover this entire event in Basara..So please understand and cooperate with me else I may have to report the matter to the Kanchi Mutt authorities..Is that clear..Now”

Just unable to know how to handle that fiery lady journalist any more,the hapless inexperienced young priests of the holy Kanchi Mutt reluctantly went and opened the lock of the private chamber wherein the sacred Kanchi Peetham was placed..

That was a pleasant surprise not to the lady journalist but to the eagerly waiting couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi..As said earlier,fortunately there’s no one else in that central hall at that time except Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi..

Without wasting a second,the couple quickly followed the lady journalist..Finally and finally indeed the curtain drawn before the Kanchi Peetham was slowly raised again,revealing the sacred Peetham to the delightful eyes of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi..

Unable to believe that amazing coincidence,Subbarao,with his eyes filled with tears of boundless joy,kept staring at that beautifully,artistically and tastefully decorated large Silver Kanchi Peetham that’s there right in front of him,in the private chamber..

Inside that large silver Kanchi Peetham,Subbarao firstly saw a medium sized Silver swing in which Lord Chandra Mouleeswara Swamy and Goddess Kamakshi were majestically placed..He then saw an ‘Ikshvu Dandam’ in the hands of Goddess Kamakshi in addition to a lot of other Golden Jewelry placed in the Peetham..

Then,having realized that Goddess Kamakshi and Lord Chandra Mouleeswara Swamy are immensely pleased with his daily recitation of Muka Pancha Sati and are giving him darsan that moment,Subbarao immediately prostrated before the holy Peetham and

In an exalted state of divine ecstasy,combined with extraordinary devotion,recited the following Siva Tandava Sthothram written by demon king Ravana,the human world’s greatest devotee of holy Lord Siva..

Jatatavi galajjala pravaha pavita sthale…Gale avalambya lambitam bhujanga tunga malikam..Damad damad damad dama ninada vada marvayam…Chakara chanda tandavam tano tu nah shivah shivam..
Jata kata hasam bhrama bhrama nilim panirjhari…Vilola vichi valarai viraja maana murdhani..Dhaga dhaga dhagajjva lalalata patta pavake…Kishora chandra shekhare ratih prati kshanam mama..

(In all,the Siva Tandava Sthothram contains sixteen quatrains,however,Sri Subbarao recited only the first two there)

And later after viewing the holy Lotus feet of Goddess Kamakshi Devi,Subbarao went into furthermore raptures and recited the following five crucial slokas,from the Muka Pancha Sathi,in praise of the holy Goddess Kamakshi..

“..Vimala patee kamala kutee..Pustaka rudraksha sastha hastha putee..Kamakshi pakshmalakshi kalitha vipanchee vibhasi vairinchee..”

“..Samara vijaya kotee saadhakaananda dhaatee..Mridhu guna gana mani paytee mukhya kaadamba vaatee.. Muninutha paripaatee mohithaajaanda kotee..Parama siva vadhootee paathumaam kaamakotee..”
“Paathena lochana ruchesthava kaamakotee..Pothena paathaka payodhi bhayaa thuraanaam..Poothena tena nava kaanchana kundalaamsu..Veethena seethalaya bhoodhara kanyakemaam..”
“Siva siva pasyanthi samam..Sree kaamaakshee kataakshitaah purushaah..Vipinam bhavana mamithram mithram..Loshtancha yuvathi bimbhoshtam..”
“..Aaryameva vibhaava yanmanasiyaha paadaaravindam puraha..Pasyan naa rabhathe sthuthim saniyatham labdhvaa kataakshachchavim..Kaamaakshyaa mridhulasmithamsu laharee jyothsnaa vayasyanvithaa.. Maaroha tyapa varga soudha valabhee maananda veechee mayeem..”

All in all,it may have taken about three minutes for Subbarao to recite the above slokas in praise of Lord Chandra Mouleeswara Swamy and Goddess Kamakshi Devi..

The priests,the lady journalist,the cameraman and the security staff of the Kanchi Mutt were all shocked with the extreme devotion Subbarao displayed right in front of them at that moment while reciting that ever energetic Siva Tandava Sthothram and the five other slokas from Muka Pancha Sathi..

That lady journalist after entirely covering the Kanchi Peetham on the camera,came to Subbarao and with folded hands praised him,saying..

“Sir,I may not be a great devotee like you but I have certainly seen and inter acted with many great devotees in my personal life as well as in my professional life..However sir,I haven’t for sure seen anyone like you before..I now sincerely feel that am really blessed to see a blessed personality like you today.. Honored meeting you sir..”

With folded hands,Subbarao replied,”Firstly,I must thank you gentle lady..Not only for the compliments but also for helping me and my wife have the darsan of the Kanchi Peetham today..If you hadn’t asked them to open the chamber today,we would have missed a lifetime opportunity forever..Thanks again for the unsolicited favor..”

Brushing off his thanks with a simple smile,the lady journalist said,”Not at all Sir..It’s my pleasure..And by the way who am I to do or not to do anything..Anywayz sir..Honor meeting you..Now,I need to go..”

Saying so,the lady journalist took leave from the noble couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi; offered her sincere thanks to the young priests; bid adieu to the security staff and then started walking slowly, along with her cameraman,towards the main entrance of the central hall..

The mystic Brahmin Subbarao kept looking..And looking..And Looking…And Looking…And Looking.. And looking..And looking..

Not at the lady journalist but at the twenty four powerful Beejaakshras of Gayathri manthra that were written on the backside of the Saffron colored kurta the lady journalist was wearing..PERIOD


Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi quickly proceeded towards the Basara Gnana Saraswathhi Devi temple where the final arrangements for the Maha Kumbhabhishekam were being briskly made..The entire area around the temple was full with thousands of devotees who have come there from far off places to witness that rare event..

Among those devotees,there were also many politicians and Andhra Pradesh state ministers in addition to a large number of VIPs who had specially come to Basara to witness that amazing spiritual act,that day..The O B vans belonging to many regional and national news channels were ready to cover that event..

Finally,signalling the beginning of the Vedic procedure a group of priests started blowing Conchs..The temple musicians started playing the traditional musical instruments..The hundred and eight rithvik Brahmins specially chosen by the Kanchi Mutt for that rare occasion started reciting the holy Vedic hymns..

Then,the two holy Acharyas of Kanchi Kama Kothi Peetham,His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi and His Holiness Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi,slowly reached a large pedestal specially arranged beside the Temple..

Later mounting a wooden ladder,the two Acharyas slowly reached the top of the main Gopuram of the temple..From there,they began the Maha Kumbhabhishekam process much to the delight of the thousands of devotees gathered around the temple..

Maha Kumbhabhishekam (Kumbha means crown that denotes the Shikhara or Gopuram of the Temple and Abhishekam means spiritual bathing) is a popular Hindu sacred ritual during which ritual the main tower or the Gopuram of the Temple is bathed with sanctified holy water..

This sanctified holy water then passes through a thin silver wire specially arranged under the Gopuram and then falls directly on the principal deity or the moola virat of the Temple that will be exactly beneath that Gopuram..

According to Hindu spiritual texts,it is believed that such a holy ritual would immensely please the principal deity of the temple more so if it’s performed by someone of the caliber of the holy Acharyas of the Kanchi Mutt..PERIOD

After thoroughly following the spiritual procedure laid down in the Vedic texts,the two Acharyas have successfully completed the Maha Kumbhabhishekam and slowly came down..

Later,sprinkling holy water with Betel leaves on all the devotees,His Holiness Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi, with a gentle smile dancing on his lips,blessed them all and then slowly walked into the main temple to follow the further procedure..

It was the most memorable day of their life for all those thousands of devotees of Gnana Saraswathi Devi who had specially come to Basara and stood there near the temple,waiting for hours in that scorching summer heat,to witness that once in a lifetime event..

It was all the more memorable for the noble couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi..They were the happiest among all the devotees there,as they were also experiencing many unimaginable events there in Basara,which otherwise would have been very difficult for them to plan in advance..

Quickly finishing their lunch and collecting ‘Teertham’ and ‘Prasadam’ from the temple priests,the happy couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi finally returned to their cottages..Recounting all the incidents that occurred on that eventful day,Subbarao,that evening,told his wife Venkata Lakshmi

“..See how amazingly Goddess Gayathri is planning events in our life..If we had not rushed out on time today morning we would have missed that bus which later took us to the Arya Vysya Bhavan..Although we could have the darsan of His Holiness Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi,we were however upset when we could not have the darsan of the Kanchi Peetham..”

“..But surprisingly that lady journalist came and we could then view the Kanchi Peetham..Since there was no one else there in the hall we could also happily have a few minutes of wonderful darsan of the Kanchi Peetham..”

“Miraculously everything happened so meticulously for us today without any planning from our side..I now understand why Goddess Gayathri had asked us to go to Basara..How many amazing experiences we are having here..Thanks to the holy Goddess..”..PERIOD

Finally,a few very important points

The above photograph wherein you are seeing the mystic Brahmin Sri Subbarao offering his pranams to Goddess Gayathri was shot by a few of his students in the month of December,2014..They brought an amateur photographer from a nearby studio in Visakhapatnam to shoot this photograph which every student wanted to keep in his personal collection..

The photographer who didn’t even know where to properly place his camera that day shot this photograph from an unconventional low angle..But the result of the photograph was miraculous..If you observe the photograph again you may see the holy hand of His Holiness the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kama Kothi Peetham placed on the head of Sri Subbarao as though blessing His ardent disciple..

Sri Subbarao told me that the Paramacharya is his “Manasa Guru”

Please refer to the above five crucial slokas from Muka Pancha Sathi,Sri Subbarao recited in front of the Kanchi Peetham..Withh reference to these slokas Sri Subbarao says “The five slokas from Muka Pancha Sathi are the most powerful slokas from among the five hundred slokas of the great work and if recited at least once everyday would offer invaluable boons to it’s chanters..”

He further says,”..There are no restrictions whatsoever to chant these slokas and anyone of all ages may recite them unconditionally..A daily recitation of these slokas make the dumb speak; make the dull students bright and bright students brilliant; make the unhealthy healthy; make less creative more creative; make the poor rich and make the unmarried married..”

“..There are also many more benefits these powerful slokas from the amazing Muka Panha Sathi offer to their chanters..So I advice everyone to recite them everyday..” ..

Finally,let me remind you that it was only after his recitation of Muka Pancha Sathi,everyday,in Basara that Sri Subbarao’s co – brother’s son Saketh,a born dumb boy,could now speak and is leading a normal life,as a school going boy,in Visakhapatnam today.

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