Vital Info On Sandhyavandanam Classes In Hyderabad By Mystic Brahmin Sri Subbarao


Here’s the most important information you all are eagerly waiting to know about the Sandhyavandanam classes the mystic Brahmin Sri Nemani Subbarao is proposing to conduct in Hyderabad in the first week of May,2015..

But Who Is This Mystic Brahmin Nemani Subbarao..??

Sri Nemani Subbarao is a native of Visakhapatnam and is a top ranked Electrical Engineering graduate from the celebrated Andhra University..

Although,after completion of his engineering,he could earn a lucrative job for his excellent credentials in academics he,however,could not accept the same as that demanded his relocation to another city..

Since Sri Subbarao had many family responsibilities,at that time,to take up at home and elderly parents to look after,he had not only relinquished the job offer but had also,ever since,chosen to offer forever tuition classes in Mathematics to many school and college going students of Visakhapatnam..

Life for Sri Subbarao was just as normal as that would be for a tuition master,until one day in 1980, ..

On that day in 1980,all the divine Cosmic forces in Nature have grouped together and started scheming things,one after the other,in the life of that simple tuition master..These scheme of things in life have later metamorphosed that ordinary tuition master Subbarao into this mystic Brahmin Sri Nemani Subbarao..

It was on that day,in a dark room in his house in Visakhapatnam,that Sri Subbarao,for the first time, heard the divine voice of the mother of all Vedas,Goddess Gayathri..It was during those most amazing sacred moments in that room,that the holy Goddess Gayathri had instructed Sri Subbarao to relentlessly chant the Gayathri Manthra for the rest of his life..

Obeying the Goddess Gayathri’s instructions,Sri Subbarao almost immediately started the recitation of the sacred Gayathri Manthra and as on date has completed three crore (thirty million) time recitation of the same..

This is a commendable feat which only a select few illustrious scholars have so far achieved in their life..However,this distinguished accomplishment did not come to Sri Subbarao,easily..

During the whole process,Sri Subbarao had gone through several hardships in his life and performed penance,on the instructions of Goddess Gayathri,at several holy places like Basara,Naimisaranyam and Kaashi braving,along with his beloved wife Smt.Venkata Lakshmi,many tough living conditions..

Ever since Subbarao commenced the recitation of the Gayathri Manthra in 1980,Goddess Gayathri is in constant conversation with him and had in fact given him many divine instructions keeping in view the well being of humanity..

Millions of Telugu readers,all over the world,went into a shock when a popular Telugu weekly magazine SWATHI published a story on Sri Subbarao in February,2014..

Written by Sri P V R K Prasad,independent India’s one of the most illustrious IAS officers and Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) board’s most successful Executive Officer,this story created a sensation among the Telugu readers and had launched Subbarao into great divinity in the spiritual world..

Later,Sri Prasad asked your’s obediently to write this story in English..I have very humbly obliged..And today this English story,being published as a serial since November,14, 2014,is a very popular story on the web today and is influencing many lives all over the world..

Please Click Here to read this life changing story called the “Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Goddess Gayathri”..

Greatly influenced by this English story about hundred and thirty readers from all over the world are gathering in Hyderabad on the evening of 1st May,2015 to go on a visit to Basara,for two days,along with Sri Subbarao,Smt.Venkata Lakshmi and Sri Prasad..

In this one of it’s kind life time journey we all are going to spend some invaluable time in Basara along with these great spiritual personalities listening to their experiences and visiting the places Sri Subbarao had performed penance when he came to this temple town in 2002 on the instructions of divine Goddess Mother Gayathri..

Now..What Is Gayathri Manthra..??

Nithya Anusandhanam

According to His Holiness,the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakothi Peetham Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi,

“Whoever sings is protected,” that is “Gayathri”. “Gayantam trayate yasmat Gayathri tyabhidhiyate.”

“Sings” is not used here in the sense of singing a song…It means intoning or chanting (the mantra) with affection and devotion…People who chant the Gayathri manthra in this manner are protected..While speaking about this mantra the Vedas use these words : “Gayatrim Chandasam mata”. “Chandas” means the Vedas.

So Gayathri is the mother of all Vedic manthras (that is the Vedas proclaim them so)…It has twenty-four aksharas (letters or syllables) and three feet, each foot of eight syllables..That is why the manthra is called  the”Tripada Gayatri”…Each foot is the essence of a Veda.

Thus Gayathri is the essence of Rgveda,Yajurveda and Samaveda…The Atharvaveda has its own Gayathri. To receive instruction in it you must have a second upanayana.

Says the Manusmriti: “Tribhya eva tu Vedebyhah padam padamaduduham”. It means that each pada of Gayathri is taken from one of the (three) Vedas…We have forsaken all else that is Vedic..

What will be our fate if we give up the Gayathri mantra also?..Gayathri-japa is essential to all rites performed according to the sastras…

If the Gayathri has not been chanted for three generations in the family of a Brahmin, its members lose caste (they cease to be Brahmins)…The quarter where such Brahmins live cannot be called an “agrahara”…

It is perhaps not yet three generations since Brahmins gave up the Gayathri…So they still may be called Brahmins.

In the same way if the Brahmin family has not performed sacrifices for three generations its members will be called “Durbrahmanas”, degenerate Brahmins. Even though degenerate the label “Brahmin” sticks to them…

There are prayaschittas (expiatory rites) by means of which the corrupted Brahmins will be remade true Brahmins…But there is no such hope for a Brahmin in whose family Gayathri has not been chanted for three generations…

A member of such a family ceases altogether to be a Brahmin and cannot be made one again..He is just a “Brahmana- bandhu”, a kin or a friend of Brahmins..The same rule applies to Kshatriyas and Vaishyas with regard to the Gayathri mantra; they become “kshatriya-bandhus” and “Vaishya-bandhus” respectively..

At least on Sundays,all those who wear the sacred thread must do Gayathri japa a thousand times. They must not eat unclean food,go to unclean places and must atone for lapses in ritual observances and in maintaining ritual purity…Henceforth they must take every care to see that their body is kept chaste and fit for it to absorb mantric power.

Even in times of misfortune the Gayathri must be muttered at least ten times at dawn,midday and dusk. These are hours of tranquility..At dawn all creatures including human beings rise and the mind is serene now.

At dusk all must be restful after a day’s hard work: that is also a time of calmness…At noon the sun is at its height and people are at home and relaxed and their mind is calm…During these hours we must meditate on Gayathri,Savithri and Sarasvathi…

In the morning the dominant presence is that of Visnu,at noon that of Brahma and at sundown of Siva. So we must meditate on Gayathri in the morning as Vishnu personified,at noon as Brahma personified and at dusk as Siva personified..”.

What Is Sandhyavandanam..??

The literal meaning of ‘Sandhyavandanam’ is salutations to Sandhya..Again,Sandhya here means the transition moments of the day namely the dawn,the noon and the dusk..Therefore,Sandhyavandanam means the salutations a chanter of Gayathri Manthra should offer to the three stages of the day viz the dawn,the noon and the dusk..

Every twice born (Dvija) whose Upanayanam is performed should unconditionally chant Gayathri Manthra everyday and every chanter of Gayathri Manthra should as well unconditionally perform the ‘Trikaala Sandhya’ i.e performing of Sandhyavandanam thrice in a day..

All the male members of the three agra varnas namely,the Brahmins,the Kshatriyas and the Vyshyas belonging to the Hindu Brahminical Society may be included in Dvija,the twice born category..However, only such male member is called a Dvija whose Upanayanam is performed..

Who is a twice born..??..According to Hindu Dharma Sastras,only the male members belonging to these families or varnas have two births..One, a physical one which occurs when they are born on this earth and the second,a spiritual one which occurs when they come forward to play a role in their society on the auspicious day of taking the initiation of Upanayana..

Thus Sandhyavandanam becomes a sacred Hindu tradition which every twice born who is chanting Gayathri Manthra should mandatorily follow..

It’s a sacred process that involves the recitation of hymns from the holy Vedas by reciting which the chanter should perform Sandhyavandanam in the morning (prātaḥsaṃdhyā),at noon (mādhyānika),and in the evening (sāyaṃsaṃdhyā) as well.

How to perform Sandhyavandanam..??

Brahmins Performing Sandhyavandanam

As you have by now must known,Sandhyavandanam is a sacred process that involves chanting of Vedic hymns following a typical tone and intonation..Unless well taught by an expert in this field it is not only difficult to perform this Sandhyabandanam correctly but it is also not correct to perform it wrongfully..

As you again must be knowing by now,after coming this far in your reading of this article,there’s no better man on this planet than the mystic Brahmin Sri Nemani Subbarao himself to teach a chanter of Gayathri Manthra the exact method of performing the ritualistic Sandhyavandanam..

In an effort to spread the power of Gayathri Manthra and in an effort to help it’s chanters attain complete perfection,Sri Subbarao has been conducting Sandhyavandanam classes in the port city of Visakhapatnam consistently for the last fourteen years..

Hundreds of chanters have benefited from these classes and are now successfully performing Sandhyavandanam to perfection at their respective places..On the instructions of Goddess Gayathri,Sri Sunbbarao now proposes to conduct the Sandhyavandanam classes in Hyderabad from the 6th of May,2015..

Here are the details

> It takes a minimum of twenty one days for Sri Subbarao to complete the entire phase of these  Sandhyavandanam classes after which the student can be on his own..It means all students have to be available in Hyderabad,everyday…

>The classes commence at 6 a m every morning and run for about an hour..Depending on the number of students there may be one more session of the classes from 7 a m to 8 a m..

> Please note..Only those belonging to the Brahmin community are eligible to attend these classes..

> Even among these Brahmin community members,only those whose Upanayanam was performed are eligible to attend the classes..

> However,age is no bar and anyone including a seventy year old man may attend these classes if he so wishes..

> There is no fees charged by Sri Subbarao and it is a free service that he wishes to offer to the society..

> Those among you who wish to utilize this rare opportunity may send your mail with all your details to Please do not forget to mention Sandhyavandanam Classes in your subject column.. Since I receive a number of mails everyday I may miss your mail if you do not mention the subject..

> I shall mail you all the details once we short list the numbers..Please note,it may be difficult to accommodate more than thirty students per batch and in all there may at the most be two batches in a day.

Here Are The Venue And Other Details

The classes commence from 06/05/15( Wednesday)

Duration of classes is 3 weeks. (21 days)

Timings 6 am – 7 am

Introductory class on 05/05/15 from morning 7 am to 8 am at the venue.


Abhinaya kuchipudi kalakshetram


Opp Gokul nagar park

Street No.1



DISCLAIMER : As an author of this article I have only written what am informed to write..Whom to teach and whom not to teach Sandhyananadanm is entirely and rightfully so the decision of Sri Subbarao and I have no role to play in that..


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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