Unbelievable Developments In The Miracle Story Of Meera And Lord Krishna

Lord Sri Krishna With Flute

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It has been a longtime since I had first revealed to the world the miraculous true story of Meera and her beloved son,Rohan..As you all must be rightly remembering now,these two blessed souls are from God’s own country,Kerala,however,they are now living in London…

When I had first written and posted their story,in the last week of March,2015,my main idea was to give my beloved readers just an introduction to this mother son duo and then write about them after I finish my writing of the other major life changing story,shocking true story of a mystic Brahmin who converses with Goddess Gayathri..

However,after posting this suspense filled story of Meera and her son in March,I was shocked with the overwhelming response it got from readers all over the world..Today,I don’t even remember how many number of mails I receive from readers asking me to write the further parts of this story..

Unfortunately,I could not reply to many just because I don’t have an appropriate reply to give them..I tender my apologies now for the same and in public,friends..

Now..Here are the practical problems I want you to know..

With the vast amount of encouragement you all have been giving me for the last few months and more so after the amazing story of Meera,I  thought I should bear with any amount of pain and continue writing the Meera story just for your pleasure..

So I tried..But very quickly I have realized that it is not as easy as I thought it would be,at least for me,to write two back to back life changing stories in a week..

But why..??…

Here’s why..

On an average it takes about sixteen hours of grueling time for me to write one part of the mystic Brahmin story..

It is so because firstly I take pains to assimilate the Telugu content that’s there in the personal diary of the mystic Brahmin and later I torture myself furthermore and tear my mind apart to convert it to the reading convenience of my English readers..

Is that not a tough task for anyone..??..Honestly speaking,Sri Subbarao,in his diary,went about reporting all the divine incidents as casually as anyone would report them..Of course there were many important details in them as well..

However,I cannot report them as they are presented in the diary..I know if I do so,you would find the whole story boring..Then I thought,only an interesting narration can capture the attention of the readers otherwise the story will go for a toss..

Okay..But how to give that thrilling narration..

To do that I had to break my head many more times; spend many precious hours on writing and exhaust a great volume of my intellectual energy to reshape the whole content and then narrate the whole story the way I have so far been narrating..

I had to do this painful exercise every week because I cannot alter the essence of the story and draw the wrath of the Goddess..Therefore I had to spend so many hours thinking and rethinking and writing and rewriting..

Of course,adding a few appropriate photographs to the content is another one hour of pain for me which I don’t want to mention here..This way,this has been my routine for the last six months every Thursday evening and Friday morning…

Moreover,no one pays me a penny for this job..That’s another story..

However,I put all these extensive efforts at the cost of my own work considering this whole process of writing the mystic Brahmin story a divine assignment Goddess Gayathri had assigned to me..

That’s also,I solemnly believe,my style of offering prayers to the Mother Goddess..Thankfully indeed,you are all blessing me with your encouraging comments as well..And thankfully so…

This story of Mystic Brahmin today is changing the lives of thousands of readers all over the world who are constantly sending me their blessings..These lovely blessings are substantial enough for my family to survive this whole life..PERIOD

Now..Just imagine..


To do the same tiresome exercise to write the Meera story as well as the mystic Brahmin story week after week shall certainly spoil the quality of both the stories..By doing so I may miss the creative focus from both…

Is it needed..??..I asked myself and now am also asking you..Above all,these are not one among those millions of stories which billions of you read everyday..

I sincerely think that I should always give my readers a great story and a greater reading experience that would give them all an unforgettable lifetime experience..And if for some reason I cannot do that then am a perfect failure and don’t deserve to write that story..SIMPLE

Please note..I can still choose to play with my readers and continue writing whatever I want to write but I cannot dare to play with Gods and Goddesses who have chosen me and assigned me such devotional tasks to handle..RIGHT..??

Now,let me reverentially confess,at this point,one of the unpardonable errors that I have unknowingly rather arrogantly committed in the past.

“I was very casual in my approach in the beginning days of my writing of the mystic Brahmin story..I considered it just another story and went about writing it with a very normal approach..With such a lackadaisical approach I may have survived the attention of my readers but not the attention of the holy Goddess..

She had noticed it and had very strongly reprimanded me for my casual approach..I was shocked but I have solemnly offered my apologies to Her and requested Her to forgive me..

She did..

And ever since I have been divinely attentive during those sixteen long hours that I spend on writing that story..In a way that was like spending those hours in complete transcendental meditation for me..”

Now please tell me..

While I was lurching in such creative darkness,my readers from all over the world started mailing me in great numbers asking me to continue writing the Meera story..Do you think I can do justice to the story that requires enormous attention and time from me..

I don’t think so..At least for the above mentioned reasons in writing such life changing stories..But I still wanted to write just to please my readers..

But again I was in a great dilemma..

To write or not to write..To do or not to do..To write or not to write..To do or not to do..To write or not to write..To do or not to do..I was literally breaking my head with so much of ambivalence that was literally knocking me down ..

Then suddenly I have gotten an idea one day..As a result..I

Had send a WhatsApp message on the morning of 14th May,2015,to Meera in London,and requested her to call me on the same evening at 7 pm IST..She promptly called and after some initial discussion I told her..

“Meeraji..Am in a big dilemma and unable to take a decision..I need Bhagawan Sri Krishna’s help now.. Can you,on my behalf,request Rohan to place my three questions before Him..”

Meera replied in her typical devotional tone,which only she owns in this world,and said,”I shall certainly try Sir.. Please let me know what your questions are..”

Then I said,”..Meeraji..Ever since I wrote your story am being flooded with mails from readers all over the world asking me to continue writing your story..But you know how much I struggle to write a story.. So I want to write your story after the mystic Brahmin story..

At the same time am unable to respond to these mails just because I don’t have anything concrete to tell them..Now things have come to such a point I will have to do something and struggle more to write your story every week..That means if I post the Mystic Brahmin story on Friday I will have to post your story on Tuesday ..

If I do so,I don’t know how far I will be able to handle such great pressure and how far I will be able to do justice to both these stories..Secondly,am afraid I may completely spoil both the stories..What should I do now..Should I start writing your story immediately or should I wait..

Please ask Bhagawan what He wants me to do..I shall unconditionally follow whatever He says…This is my first question..”

“..I understand Sir..Then what’s your second question..”..Meera with a little concern in her voice asked

I said,”Either before writing your story or while in the middle of it I wish to visit your home in London.. Then take a few photographs..Take your personal interviews..And of course spend some sacred time with the Bhagawan..A few readers also want to accompany me in my journey..Can we come..??..”

“..Okay sir..I will place this question too in front of Bhagwan..Then what is your third question..”.. Meera asked..

Bhagwan Sri Krishna

With a little hesitation in my voice I asked Meera..

“..Meeraji..The last time you spoke to me,before writing the introduction to your story,you told me that there’s one big miracle,perhaps the biggest in your life so far,that occurred in your house with the mercy of Bhagwan..You also said you have a solid visual proof to prove it to the world..

I also remember you saying that when this miracle is finally revealed,it shall take the world by storm and would also become a point of discussion everywhere in the world..At the same time you said Bhagwan asked you not to tell me about this miracle at this point of time..Why so and when will I be knowing about it..Please ask Bhagwan..”

After a little pause,Meera said,”I shall certainly ask Rohan to place your questions in front of Bhagwan Sir..Will let you know the replies either today night or tomorrow morning..”

Saying so she disconnected the phone..

And then began my tension..My nervousness..And my countdown ..


I didn’t get any call from Meera that night..

My tension doubled..

The next morning..

I woke up and went straight to my pooja room and offered my prayers silently to Lord Krishna..

Still there was no phone from Meera until 1 pm..2 pm..4 pm..6 pm..8 pm..And 10 pm..

I was tensed.. Nervous..And what not..Then I asked myself..

“..Why did Meeraji not call me..Did she ask Bhagwan..If so what did He say..Is there anything that He said and she’s hesitating to tell me..Krishnaaaaaaaa..What to do..??..Why this tension and waiting for me..??..”

Just to overcome my nervousness that night,I sat down to watch an interesting IPL Cricket match and for a couple of hours could forget myself..

That time,it was 11.15 p m in the clock on my drawing room wall..

Then I told myself “No phone today..May be I will have to wait until tomorrow”..

Suddenly at about 11.30 p m I heard Facebook messenger notification tone from my mobile..

I quickly looked at the display screen..It was displaying a message from Meera..With literal palpitation in my heart I clicked on the message..

And this was there in the message..

“..Pranams Sir..When can I call you tomorrow..Want to talk to you..”

“11 am..”..I quickly replied..Then I realized that I did not reciprocate to her “Pranams”..Regretted..But what to do..That was too late because,in the mean time,she gave me a quick reply saying “Ok..fine sir.. Good night..”..

“Good night Meeraji”..I too replied..

The next morning,Meera called me sharp at 11 am..(I really appreciate her time sense and discipline which most of us rarely follow)..Chanting my favorite seven powerful names of Lrrd Sri Venkateswara I picked her call..

After the initial greeting of each other was over,Meera said,”..Sir..Rohan asked the three questions you wanted him to ask Bhagwan..For the first question Bhagwan said,

“Ask him to go slow..”

Meera continued..

Lord Sri Krishna With His Mother Yashoda

“Sir..Since Bhagwan converses with us in our native language Malayalam am telling you the summary of what He said..But this is what He actually said in Malayalam..Pathuke ezhuthial mathi..” (Malayalam is an alien’s language to me but my Kerala friends and readers may understand what exactly Bhagwan was saying..)..

“..Oh..That;s a great relief to me Meeraji..Thanks a lot..By the way,what is Bhagwan’s reply to my second question..” I quickly asked..

She said,”..Sir,He said they are all my devotees..Let them come to our home..”

That made me furthermore happy..Then I asked

“..What is the reply to my final question Meeraji..”

Then she said,”..For that He said you can give a description to Aditya about the miracle but you should show him the proof only when he comes to our home…”

I hurriedly said,”Oh..Okkkkaaayyy Meeraji..Am very happy..Please tell me..I’m dying here to hear about it..”

Then Meera in a low tone started narrating that miracle with an unimaginable degree of unparalleled devotion in her voice..

She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening..

She was narrating..I was listening..

As I was listening..

I was going speechless..Going into a shock..Going almost breathless..Going into a state of divine trance and ecstasy..

In the meantime,Meera completed her narration and was waiting for my response..I was lost in my own thoughts.

To be very honest,I have read and heard about many miracles and even writing about many in the story of the mystic Brahmin but this is something I haven’t heard before that too with a recorded proof in the hands of Meera..

What to say..I was aghast with a complete divine blackout of my mind..Bringing me back into this sinful inhuman world again,Meera started talking since she didn’t get any response from me..

“Sir..Bhagwan says that right now this miracle is only for your information and you should not,at any cost,share it with anyone whomsoever..It is HIS order..He says a time will come when Aditya can share this with the world..Until then please do not reveal this miracle to anyone,Sir..”

I sincerely said,”Certainly Meeraji..certainly..I promise..I shall not share this miracle with anyone..Now.. Finally Meeraji..I have a personal question to ask..May I ask..”

(While asking this question I wasn’t aware that I was already a part of a very big miracle of my life,that day,and Meera was about to reveal that to me in her reply..)

Meera said,”Sure sir..What is that question..”

Then I asked,”Is there an infant in your hands or around you or nearby Meeraji..”

A surprised Meera replied,”..No sir..There’s no infant in our house..I have a seventeen year old daughter currently sitting in a sofa opposite to me and playing on her iPad..And a 13-year old son ,Rohan,sitting beside me and listening to our conversation..Why did you ask this question sir..”

I was surprised with Meera’s reply..

Hiding my surprise I asked her,”Meeraji..I know you have two grown up children at home and don’t have an infant..But right from the moment I have started talking to you on phone today I was listening to an infant’s voice constantly on the phone from your side..It was like a few day’s baby’s playful voice..Very sweet and tender..

The voice was very clearly audible to me almost all through our conversation..I was actually enjoying those sweet sounds the infant was making..They were like very sweet vocal expressions a twenty days or thirty days infants give..I was for a longtime,during our conversation,under the impression that you were carrying an infant in your hands and talking to me..

Or I thought there’s some guest at your home sitting very close to your phone with an infant in her hands ..Then who was that infant Meeraji and whose voice was I constantly listening to..??..”..

With a lot of curiosity in my voice I asked..

Lord Krishna In The Form Of A Child

Screaming loudly with happiness in her voice Meera broke down into joyful tears and told me,

“..Aditya sir..You are truly blessed sir..Truly blessed..That was Bhagwan Sri Krishna’s voice which you have heard right now sir..It means He was listening to our conversation..

Sir you are lucky..So far except Rohan no one in our house heard Bhagwan’s voice..Actually He appears in the form of an infant to Rohan and talks only to him that too in an infant’s voice..

But I haven’t so far seen or heard His voice except that He appears in different forms to me and invisibly eats whatever Naivedyam I offer.. I can see His hand imprints on fruits and I also see those fruits flying in front of me..Only on one occasion I heard His voice sir..

Once there was a small family get together in our house..There were lot of ladies..We were all conversing in Malayalam..Rohan was recording our conversation on his mobile..Later we heard an infant’s voice in the recorded video..We were surprised but realized that it was Bhagwan Krishna’s voice..

Now you say you have heard the same infant’s voice which,am sure,was nothing but Bhagwan Krishna’s voice..In two minutes am going to send that video on WhatsApp..”..

Saying so Meera concluded our miraculous conversation..I was still still in unbelievably dozed state of trance and divinity..Later,Meera had sent me that video but said,

“Bhagwan doesn’t want this video to be revealed to the world unless He grants you the permission to do so..Until then it’s only for you sir..Please keep it safe..”

I quickly watched that short video which was only a few seconds in length..It surprisingly has the same infant’s voice that I have heard during our phone conversation that day..

I was benumbed..

Later,I have carefully saved that precious video on my desktop and now promise that I shall certainly share it with you all when the holy Bhagwan Sri Krishna grants me the permission to do so..

Until then my friend..You will have to wait..No choice..

“..Krishnaa nee begane baaro..”

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