Three Amazing Spiritual Formulas (Prayers) For Peace, Prosperity And Courage

“Did you see any child reminding her Mother her duties towards her child.. Did you see any boy reminding his Father his responsibilities towards his son.

Then why is that so many among us reminding God – who is both our Mother and Father rolled into one divine form – His duties and responsibilities towards us, His own children” – Yours Lovingly

Recently, a reader called me from Chennai and told me something so shocking that I had to remain in a state of complete thoughtlessness, for a few minutes, with my mind going blank after hearing about what an Astrologer had told him as a remedy for his problem.

This Chennai reader’s story is just an example of the many unethical ways some fakes in this sinful human world are trying to exploit innocent people in the name of providing solutions to the problems of their life.

At This Point,

I want to tell you all a very valid point which I want all of you to bear in mind forever. “There are billions of solutions in Nature for millions of human problems so there must be one for your problem as well.

And that solution will come to you, free of cost, at a time when it is destined to come and there’s no need for you to do anything spiritual or cynical or even try and rush things forward by paying money to a middleman, whomsoever he is, for helping you to overcome that problem.

This is an irrevocable Cosmic Law of Nature every human being should abide by. If someone tries to alter it, either by using unlawful means or unfair practices, then he or she may have to battle many more dangerous repercussions thereafter. Sometimes for life”,

Therefore, my dear reader, always beware of all such fake Astrologers, Babas and God Men. They are all self styled middlemen of God who are trying to negotiate business with you, in the name of God, and no matter what, they are just interested only in your money and not in your well being.

Of course, I agree and had in fact quoted on many occasions that,”Astrology is definitely a perfect science but Astrologers are not”. Having said that, I should also say, “a true Astrologer or a true saint is not only difficult to find in this world but is also impossible to reach.

Because most of such great and ennobled personalities always be living in secluded places, far from the reach of money and publicity, and will always be silently offering their prayers to God for the well being of humanity”.


Let Me Come To The Point

This 32 – year old reader, Sivnathan is having a business of his own in Chennai but not with much success. He had many setbacks in his life and had also suffered many financial losses

So, Sivanthan consulted an Astrologer in Chennai and shared with him his problems.. After listening carefully to Sivanathan’s woes, the Astrologer had coolly said,

“Thambee, your paternal grand father did not attain ‘Moksha’ (Salvation) after his death, so, you, as his blood relative, are having all these problems in your life now. There’s a pooja I shall perform at your house to emancipate your grand father from his present miserable condition and help him attain Moksha. After that, everything will be fine in your life”.

I didn’t understand what nonsense that Astrologer was talking. Then I wondered how many stories can people really cook up to grab money from innocents like Sivanathan. Luckily, he contacted me before paying any money to that Astrologer.

Sivanathan further told me that, as a result of so many problems in his life, he is also suffering from many indescribable phobias and is constantly living with fearful forebodings.

What a sad state..??..

In a comforting tone, I told Sivanathan,

“Dear brother Siva, as long as there are innocent people like you in this world, such fake Astrologers will not only survive but will also flourish preying on your hard earned money. You are already in problems.

Now you shall borrow another twenty or thirty thousand rupees and spend it on this fake pooja. But do you know that this Astrologer is going to perform this pooja in your house not for your benefit but only for his benefit..??

Secondly, do you think God works this way and will be impressed with such fake poojas. Fuhgetttt it Siva. That will never happen coz God doesn’t work that way.

The Amazing Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara

Now coming to your problems Siva. If Sivanthan of Chennai is the only person in this world suffering from so many problems, then I along with the whole world would have certainly been sympathizing with you by now. But that is not the case here Siva..

There are millions of Sivanthans in this world, including the one you are right now talking to, who have either seen or seeing more or less the same problems that you have now read out.

Of course I, as your brother, very much understand your pain since I have gone through many such painful phases in my life in fact with more excruciating pain. However Siva, that doesn’t mean we should turn to fake Babas and Astrologers for quick solutions. Never do that.

Just like light follows darkness, a solution too follows a problem because He who had created the darkness had created the light too; and He who had given the problem will give the solution too.

All that you need to know here is that, the God whom you are praying for a solution had actually given you the problem. Of course for a purpose which only He knows.

What you need to understand here’s that if He is not giving a solution, despite you performing so many prayers, it means that you need to go through this pain for some more time just because He thinks you need to spend some more time in His conditioning camp..

Are you getting my point Siva.. Even if you don’t, you will realize this reality after all your wounds are healed and after you start smiling again. And during those happy moments, Siva, you will certainly thank God for giving you all these problems that have done more good to you than bad.

Now tell me Siva, when the Creator of your life and my life is giving us such pain then what can these small time Astrologers or Babas really do to help us. Can they provide even the slightest relief to our pain..?? No and nevvvverrr..

Because the Cosmic System is a perfectly engineered system designed by the Divine Engineer of all these fourteen worlds; the Divine Creator of every living and non living thing in this Universe; and the Supreme Commander of all the Cosmic Forces that are ruling our lives, today.

How funny it sounds if someone, how ever powerful a human being he might be in this world, says that he can conquer these forces and alter the all powerful Cosmic System for us.

The pathetic part here is Siva, we, despite being so learned in our life, trust such people.. And this is called heights of ignorance..”

And then I said,” Siva. He is Srishti Kartah. Loka Kartah. Sarva Kaarana Kartahaa. So all that we need to do everyday, in the form of a simple pooja, is to pay our obeisance to Him for having given us a little space in His Cosmic Painting; and then offer our salutations to Him for being with us all through our life.

This is what the real meaning of a daily pooja is, Siva.. However, we silly human beings have made our pooja a business meeting with God everyday wherein we are offering Him a share in our benefits for helping us grow in our business or career.

Secondly, some people, for some vague reasons we don’t understand, have made our pooja system a ritualistic circus making us display all our tomfoolery in front of God. They say, by doing so God will offer us everything we desire for..

God is laughing at us Siva, watching us performing such meaningless rituals day in and day out in the name of pleasing Him.. What you need to know here is that God is not there in these rituals and also not in those Temples you are visiting everyday..

But God is there in the nobility we show while offering Ten rupees to a person starving for food.. God is is there in the nobility we show while helping that old couple sitting haplessly in that city bus stand waiting for that thankless son who would never return.

God is there in the nobility we show while making someone in tears, smile, despite we being in great tears inside us.. Finally, God is there in the nobility we show while giving the money, we have borrowed for our needs, to a friend who has a bigger need than us..

Without performing any of these noble deeds in life how can we expect God to be impressed with our Manthras, Sthothras and prayers Siva.. When did He ask us to do all that to please Him..

Instead, if we keep performing such noble deeds for life then they would earn us more Punya than what our regular recitation of Gayathri manthra or the Vishnu Shasra Nama, for hundreds of thousands of times in a day, would earn us..

Now tell me Siva.. What use is that pooja, we are performing to the Creator everyday, if we are not kind to His Creation.

The Cosmic fact here is,

Lord Venkateswara With Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi
Lord Venkateswara With Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi

“The relationship between God and a devotee is like the relationship between a Mother and a child.. Just like a Mother gives her child everything unasked, God also gives us everything unasked.. Just like a Mother doesn’t give everything the child wants; God also doesn’t give us everything we want..

However, both God and Mother will certainly give us everything that we need but only when we really need it.. Certainly not a minute before that and not a minute after.. God’s timing of giving is always perfect, Siva, whereas our timing of seeking is not”.

All I suggest you are three simple but amazing spiritual formulas which you must follow all through your life.. There’s no need to perform any other pooja if you follow these formulas forever.. These formulas will give you peace, prosperity and courage when you need them the most.

However, please do not expect miracles to happen but pray to God to give you some peace when you are facing a storm; to give you money when you need it the most; and to give you courage to withstand any helpless situation..

What else do we need in life Siva.. Just follow these three amazing spiritual formulas and stay blessed forever.. ”

Saying so I shared with him the following spiritual formulas which anyone can follow and see amazing results as am myself seeing following them everyday.

Spiritual Formula Number One : Prayer For Peace

After taking your bath everyday, spend a few minutes in your pooja room and just follow the methods am asking you to follow.. Trust me.. You need not follow any other method thereafter..

However, if you are following some other method and wish to continue that as well, then I leave it to you but in addition to that you may also follow these formulas(prayers) that will not take more than ten minutes of your time everyday.

But if you ask me I would say, “just follow these three simple formulas (prayers) everyday for life and you will experience that amazing blissful state of mind”.

Firstly, offer a small prayer to Lord Ganesha because God blessed Him with a special facility to receive the first pooja of the day from us.. You may recite any sloka you know but in my daily pooja I recite this Sloka from the Narada Purana.

“..Prathamam Vakratundam Cha.. Ekadantham Dvitheeyakam.. Thritheeyam Krishna Pingaaksham.. Gaja Vakthram Chaturthakam.. Lambodaram Panchamaan Cha.. Shashtam Vikatayeva Chaa..

Saptamam Vighna Raajancha.. Dhoomra Varnam Tathaashtakam.. Navamam Phaala Chandran Cha.. Dasamam Thu Vinaayakam.. Ekaadasam Ganapathim.. Dvaadasam Thu Gajaananam..”

After that, recite the Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra for nine times.. I have often quoted about this Manthra before and had also written two very important articles on it..

Please Click Here to read the first article, “A Powerful Sloka That  Helps Us During Our Problems And Gives Us Inner Peace”.

Now please Click Here to read the second article, “A Powerful Pooja To Lord Venkateswara That May Change Your Life”.

In my close study and observation and also after reading the many experiences of the readers, I have realized that this is a powerful Manthra that is more powerful than many of the most powerful Manthras, that are currently ruling millions of Hindu houses, today.

Everyday, I receive mails from readers saying how beneficial this Manthra has been to them.. While in some people’s lives it solved the problem of unemployment; in some other’s life, it solved another nagging problem, and a few others told me, “problems solved or not but we are experiencing great peace after reciting it”.

Now, the formula number one is to recite the following Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra a minimum of nine times everyday, during the daily pooja, after first offering your prayer to Lord Ganesha.

“..Om Namo Venkatesaaya Kaamitaartha Pradhaayine Pranatah Klesa Naasaaya Govindaaya Namo Namaha.. “..

“.. ఒమ్ నమో వేంకటేశాయ కామితార్థ ప్రదాయినే.. ప్రణతః క్లేశ నాశాయ గోవిందాయ నమో నమః..” …  (Telugu)

“..ऊँ नमो वेङ्कटेशाय कामितार्थ प्रदायिने…प्रणतः क्लेशनाशाय गोविन्दाय नमो नमः ..” (Hindi)

ಓಂ ನಮೋ ವೆಂಕಟೇಶಾಯ ಕಾಮಿತಾರ್ಥ ಪ್ರಧಾಯಿನೆ ಪ್ರಣತಃ ಕ್ಲೇಶ ನಾಶಾಯ ಗೋವಿಂದಾಯ ನಮೋ ನಮಃ. (Kannada)

ஓம் நமோ வேங்கடேசாய காமிதார்த்த பிரதாயினே ப்ரனதாஹ் க்லேச நாசாய கோவிந்தாய நமோ நமஹ (Tamil)

This Manthra may not always do miracles – although it has done in many cases – however it would certainly give you peace during a crisis and in fact will save you and your family from many dangerous situations if you encounter any in your life.

It has miraculously saved me from many critical situations in life.. All I would do during those moments is to silently chant this Manthra and it would do a miracle and save me.. God, for sure, will give critical situations in life but God will also give easy solutions and this powerful Manthra tops the list of all the solutions.

Am reciting this Manthra nine times in a day, don’t remember since  when, for the well being of my family; and for the last three months, have started reciting nine more times for the well being of all the followers of my website,

Spiritual Formula Number Two : Prayer For Prosperity

Goddess Sri Dhana Lakshmi

We are all humans.. We all have problems.. Not a few.. But many.. The most common problem rather the ugliest of all the human problems is the problem of money many in this world are suffering from.

A daily recitation of “Kanaka Dhaaraa Sthothram”, written by His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya, has the immaculate power not only to remove poverty from your house but also will lead your life towards perpetual prosperity.

In my own experience, I have observed that a regular recitation of this Sthotra gets money from the most unplanned and unexpected sources.. Otherwise, my friend, I wouldn’t have survived and you wouldn’t be knowing me.

Please Click Here to read an elaborate article that I have written on this amazing Sthothra..

This article will tell you about an incident from the life of Sri Adi Sankaracharya and the subsequent story that led to the birth of this Sthothra.. A miraculous story indeed and everyone must read it.

After reciting the Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra for nine times, recite this Kanaka Dhaara Sthothram once.. You may Google for the text of this Sthothra and find it on the web..

“Angam hare pulaka bhooshana maasrayanthi”.. These are the beginning lines of the Sthora.. Just copy and paste them in the search column.. That will help you.. Good luck

Spiritual Formula Number Three : Prayer For Courage

Some of us are weird minded.. Some are fickle minded.. Some are erratic minded.. Some are strange minded.. Some are wild minded.. Some are strong minded.. And almost all of us are weak minded.

This formula provides courage to all such minds and blesses them with enormous strength to withstand any situation in life.

Lord Hanuman is the Lord of bravery and courage and is a destroyer of all the evil forces in our Nature.. A regular recitation of “Hanuman Chalisa” gives immense strength to the seeker and great courage to his mind..

After reciting the Sri Venkateswara Manthra and then Kanaka Dhaaraa Sthothram you must now conclude your daily pooja with the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa once..

Trust me you will see amazing results thereafter.. Not only will you become fearless in life but will also be more courageous in your approach towards addressing your day to day problems.


All men and women, irrespective of your caste, race and religion, can follow these amazing spiritual formulas (prayers) and reap rich benefits from them.. Am telling you again.. Please do not expect miracles to happen nor expect any miraculous changes in your life.. Pray for peace and you will get it for sure but gradually.

And most importantly never ask God not to give you problems in life.. Instead request Him to grant you the strength and courage to face any given problem.. Secondly, try to develop a philosophical bent of mind and start believing in the Theory Of Pre Determinism.. You shall certainly lead a peaceful life..

After that there won’t be any need for you to mail me and keep cursing me for not responding to your mails.. As I told you before, I type everything using only my right hand index finger and if I respond to every mail I receive everyday all I would be doing in my life is, “responding to mails”.

Whatever is your problem, these three formulas (prayers) shall certainly provide you some relief.. Trust me and just follow them for life and you will see amazing results.. God bless..

Now Here’s The Perfect Example Of A True Noble Personality

Sir With Cheetah
Sriram Sir With A Cheetah

Sriram Sir is “Daivam Maanusha Rupena”.. Those who have read my story “An Incredible True Story Of A Miracle Man Who Is Seeing Your Tomorrow” will agree with me and those who haven’t yet will now agree at least after seeing this incredible photograph.

Sriram Sir is seen here caressing a deadly Cheetah in a South African Zoo when he visited that country in the month of February, 2016.. And this photograph is another small example that emphatically endorses Sriram Sir’s divine status.

If you haven’t read the story, please Click Here to read the incredible story of Sriram Sir – Earth’s greatest living spiritual personality.

Although it’s too early to say anything now, here’s a good news to all those who wish to have the ‘darsan’ of Sriram Sir.. Am planning for an exclusive one day meeting in Hyderabad, with Sriram Sir, in the month of October, 2016..

This will be a day long meeting where beloved Sir will be addressing the illustrious gathering of readers, coming from all parts of the world, followed by an interactive session with Sir in the post lunch session.

Please do not ask for a personal appointment or meeting with Sir.. It is just not possible.. Secondly, invitation to the meeting will be exclusively to the followers of and not for outsiders.. Will post more details in July after discussing with Sir and taking his confirmation..

Finally I shall conclude this article with a couple of wonderful lines posted by a reader, Hima Ravuri, in the comments column of my Facebook page.

“..Saranu saranu surendra sannutha.. Saranu sreesathi vallabha.. Saranu rakshasa garva samhara.. Saranu venkata nayaka..” – Saint Annamacharya


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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