The Meaning Of The Most Popular Sloka In The History Of Tirumala Temple

> This is the most wonderful Sloka the recitation of which, at any point of time in our life, would lend devotion to our heart and serenity to our mind..

> This is the most amazing Sloka that we would find written on the first sign board we come across on the Tirumala Hills, the moment we enter there.

This is also the most beautiful Sloka that millions of devotees all over the world reverentially refer to, while giving any description of either Lord Sri Venkateswara or of the Tirumala Temple..

This is the most fabulous Sloka that wonderfully describes, in just two lines, not only the glory of the Venkatadri hills but also the majesty of holy Lord Sri Venkateswara..

This is the most mesmerizing Sloka that’s not only the oldest one in the history of the Tirumala Temple but also the most popular one ..

This is the most awesome Sloka written by Sage Veda Vyasa and first mentioned by him in one of his sacred Ashta Dasa Puranas – the Bhavishyattottara Purana…

And This Is The Sacred Sloka Am Referring To

“..Venkatadri Samam Sthaanam Brahmande Naasti Kinchanaa…

Venkatesa Samo Devo Na Bhootho Na Bhavishyati..”

And Here’s The Meaning

“..Neither in the past nor in the future would there be a sacred place in this universe that can equal the sanctity of the Venkatadri hills nor would there be a God who can equal the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara..”


As long as the Sun rises in the East,this amazing Sloka would exist and as long as this amazing Sloka exists,the Venkatadri Hills would exist and as long as the Venkatadri Hills exist,our holy Lord Sri Venkateswara would exist and as long as our holy Lord Sri Venkateswara exists,we all would remain protected and be blessed forever with eternal peace,endless prosperity and everlasting happiness..

“..Aham Doora Thasthe Padaam Bhoja Yugma Pranaamechcha Ya Gatya Sevaam Karomee.. Sakrith Sevayaa Nitya Sevaa Phalatvam.. Prayachcha Prayachcha Prabho Venkatesaa..”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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