Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Goddess Gayathri-Part Seven

Teppotsava Aarathi To Lord Sri Venkateswara On Tirumala Hills

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Many times in our life we encounter many distressing situations and during all such grueling encounters we feel cornered by time and conquered by fate..We also during such ugly phase think “the whole world is closed for me and my life is approaching the end of the road..”

But honestly how many of us,during that phase,realize that “it’s not the end of the road but a beautiful bend of the road guiding me to newer destinations..”..If only we can stay calm and allow that phase to pass,then God would certainly interfere and come to our rescue..And Later it will not take much time for us to know “how silly we were in our thoughts then..”

It’s important for us to know that “Since God cannot appear before us,He sends us a meaningful message through some mode of communication..In most cases,as far as my experience goes, it is conveyed through dreams..However,it’s not my intention to say here that it’s always the case but it’s certainly the case in most of such situations..”

Of course,you don’t have to agree with me

But you shall certainly agree with the mystic Brahmin Subbarao who had got a weird dream on the night of that same day Goddes Gaythri revealed him the power of Gayathri Manthra in Basara Temple..

Honestly,I wanted to skip this part of the story and move ahead with the other incidents in Basara but after reading about this dream again,I thought there’s a hidden message in this dream from,Goddess Gayathri,not only for Subbarao but also for everyone living on this planet..Hence I decided to write about it for the benefit of every reader closely following this story..

Here’s the dream Subbarao got that night in Basara and please know about it right from the mystic Brahmin.. 

It was unbearably hot that night..The temperatures must definitely be 45 degrees that day and may be a little less in the night..Since myself and my wife were never exposed to such extensive heat conditions in our life earlier,we were finding those conditions unlivable in Basara..Unfortunately we do not even have a ceiling fan in our room and that’s making life all the more miserable for us..

Many times I thought I should give up and go back to Visakhapatnam..Am afraid either myself or my wife would fall sick with Sun stroke..If not that problem,I was sure,there would be some other problem both of us may have to suffer from..Without proper food and proper sleep my wife is already going weaker and weaker with every passing day..That was another cause of concern for me..

But I know if I give up now it would be too debilitating and demoralizing for her hence I haven’t let her know my feelings..But how long do we have to stay here in Basara..That too in such terrible conditions.. Why did my Goddess mother Gayathri had send me during such time to this place.. ???..

With so many questions tormenting my mind,I was unable to sleep properly in that hot chimney like room that night..So went out with a small bed sheet and slept on the floor in front of our room..As I was too tired I could easily succumb to sleep Goddess,after some point of time..

However,I don’t have words here to explain what a horrible time my beloved wife was having sleeping in that fan less heated room that time..But I slept..Then I had a dream.. A weird dream indeed..It was as though I was watching everything on a computer monitor..

In that dream,I went to a remote village like place which I have never visited before..There I have met a childhood friend of mine,after almost three decades..Asking me not to utter a word he took me around the whole place,showing me some wonderful masterpieces of Nature..I was spellbound looking at those marvelous works of art cascading down the Nature..

Holding my hands and walking me through waters,my friend finally took me into a house and closed the doors behind me..I looked around and found some weird stuff there,that’s normally found in a boat.. Is that a house or a boat..I was confused..I also found a number of people in that large house but none of them was talking to one another…

I also found a number of rooms in that house..Asking me to follow him silently,my friend took me into one of those rooms..And from there into another room and then into another one and so on..But what surprised me the most was the work a large number of people in that house were doing..They were all doing the same work..

They were all preparing new Pooja Mandirs or Pooja Mantaps which we all use while performing pooja in our house..I turned my head and looked all around but only found pooja mantaps everywhere..While some were decorating them with garlands;some were applying turmeric and vermilion (Kumkum) to them..But why are they preparing so many mantaps..I couldn’t understand..

I wanted to ask my friend but as though reading my thoughts,he looked at me and asked me not to utter a word.. My confusion doubled..Later walking me through several number of rooms,he finally took me into a pretty large room and asking me to observe everything there,he left me all alone in that room and went out..

There was an echoing silence in that large palatial but dark room..As we see in Alfred Hitchcock films, light was unevenly scattered in that room..The long haunting silence all around; the company of eerie loneliness in that room; the feeling of emptiness in my mind have all started kicking up a gripping fear in me..

I started terribly sweating..An inexhaustible fear in my mind started taking my body into it’s control.. Wanted to run out of that room..But was shocked to find all the doors of the room vanishing in front of my eyes..I wanted to shout;scream loudly and call my friend but felt a sort of tightness around my throat as though someone was gripping it hard with force..

I thought am dying..I thought those were the final moments of the life for me..Suddenly to my surprise I found the wall beside me opening and a large window appearing in that place..I also saw a beautiful light entering through that window unto me..I was seeing some sort of help coming to me..I know that light is nothing but a form of God coming to my rescue..That thought gave me some courage..

Gathering a little more courage,I went close to that open window..As was thought,that window was not an open one but was closed with a thin film like transparent glass ..I went close to the window and looked through it and was shocked to see water and water all around me as though am in the midst of a sea..

Suddenly I remembered Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s lines from his ‘Ancient Mariner’ “the fair breeze blew; the white foam flew; the forrow followed free,we were the first to ever burst into the silent sea..”

I have also noticed many small boats and a couple of ships moving around freely in that sea..Then I saw a ship coming close to our room..Suddenly a giant tidal wave,taller than that ship,appeared behind that and within no time consumed the entire ship with its power and sank into sea waters not only the large ship but also all the small boats that were around the ship,..Right in front of my eyes..”

I screamed..I thought I screamed but didn’t as I couldn’t..My entire body started shivering with fear.. With my popped out eyes,I was further more shocked to see that large devilish tidal wave slowly coming towards the room am standing..I didn’t know what to do..Looked around for help..Screamed loudly this time..

Suddenly my friend entered the room and pulling me with great force,took me into another room..That room was full of some engines and switches..Quickly pulling out a knob,he started one engine and to my surprise the whole house we were in that time started moving like a ship..

Then I realized that it’s not a house but a ship..Asking me not to worry about anything,my friend started taking our ship forward with incredible speed..I turned back and noticed that the devilish tidal wave that was chasing us from behind remained quite far behind..Firstly,I felt relieved and then smiled at myself and at my fear filled thoughts that I had a few moments before..

I wholeheartedly thanked my friend for the timely intervention and also for saving my life..He smiled and said “that’s the least I can do for you as a friend..”..

For a few hours later..

The journey was very smooth for me in that ship..My friend was really taking good care of me..Showing me all the beautiful places around,he started telling me about the qualities of Nature and about how it acts with poetic justice every time there’s a need to do so..

As we were indulged in that conversation,I suddenly noticed a huge ship,larger than our ship,coming racing towards our ship..Out of fear I turned my head to the right and saw another ship trying to collide with our ship..Then I turned to my left and found another one..And another one behind us..I was really shocked and terrified..I thought no one,including my friend,can save my life this time ..

As I was sure one of those ships is going to hit our ship badly,I have decided to close my eyes and offer my last prayers to the Almighty to at least grant me salvation after death now and do not give me one more life which would again be nothing but full of such traumas and tragedies..

I closed my eyes and remained in prayers without doing anything..Minutes were passing but I didn’t notice anything unusual happening around me..Then I slowly opened my eyes only to find a smiling face of my friend looking at me..I looked around and was surprised to find myself in the middle of the room where I have seen all those pooja mantaps..

I asked my friend..”Did our ship not collide with those ships that surrounded our ship..”..My friend with a gentle smile said “No..They didn’t and I know they wouldn’t..If we have indomitable faith in God there’s no force in this world that can cause us any damage..While many like you have belief in God,only a few like me have faith in Him .

“..What’s the difference..??” I asked..In turn my friend,with the same smile,asked “..Are you confident that I have enough capabilities to drive a ship properly and take you to your destination safely every time you take this route..”

Without any hesitation and with a lot of firmness in my tone,I said,”Yes..I do,because twice you have saved me from near death situations..So I have unconditional belief in your capabilities..”..

My friend smiled and said “Then are you ready to accompany me for another such exhilarating trip into that deadly sea..” ..Shivering deep inside I said “No”,with a lot more firmness in my tone this time..

Laughing loudly my friend said,”..That’s the difference between belief in God and faith in God..”..I was too benumbed to react..Patting on my back,my friend took me all around the place and started showing me some amazing pooja mantaps..

I was really thrilled watching those mantaps but at one particular place stood shocked and kept looking at one fully glowing spot..I have then observed that seeing that glowing arena my body started shivering ..I have also started feeling a large lump blocking my throat..Tried to say something but couldn’t..

Then with tears in my eyes I turned towards my friend..He was looking at me with the same smile in his face..With a great difficulty and after gathering some strength into my voice,I asked my friend showing my left hand index finger towards that glowing spot,,

“That’s my pooja mantap..And that’s my beloved photograph of Goddess Gayathri in that mantap..I offer my prayers to my mother Goddess everyday sitting in front of that mantap..But how did that mantap come here..And who is that boy sitting in front of that mantap and offering prayers to Goddess Gaythri.”

Shocking me further,my friend said,”Subbarao..Observe carefully..Did you not recoznize him yet..He’s your beloved great grandson reciting Gayathri manthra there in front of Mother Goddes Gayathri..”.

I Woke Up Startled From My Dream..

Looked around..There is pitch darkness all around..Drank a glass of water..Then Looked at the watch..It was about 2 a m..Went into our room and felt happy after seeing my wife happily sleeping there on her cot..Then silently came out..

A cool gentle breeze was coming from the river side..Felt lighter and happier..Then tried to analyze the whole dream..”..What is the significance of this dream..”..I asked myself..I didn’t get any reply..Then looked around again..

Found nothing except a deafening silence..Then slept again..But quite surprisingly the reply came the next morning..My one and only daughter Aparna called me early in the morning and said

“..Dad..Nine months from now you will be a grand father..”

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