Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Goddess Gayathri-Part Fourteen

Holy Goddess Saraswathi


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“..దుర్లభం త్రయామేవై తద్దేవానుగ్రహ హేతుకమ్..మనుష్యత్వం ముముక్షుత్వం మహా పురుష సంశ్రయః..

“..Durlabham trayamevai tadh  devanugraha hethukam..Manushyatvam mumukshutvam maha purusha samsrayaha..”

These wonderfully crafted invaluable Sanskrit verses from ‘Vivekachudamani’, an exemplary piece of poetic art par excellence presented to the human world by His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Adi Sankaracharya,solemnly say..

“Only those who are blessed by Gods shall ask for a human life; desire for salvation (Moksha) and always seek the company of noble personalities (Messiahs or Mahapurushas)..”

Although Sri Sankaracharya had stated that only those specially blessed by Gods would be enjoying these three bliss filled states,He had however not stated what would He call a person who is constantly on the lookout for one blissful divine experience everyday..

If only Sri Sankaracharya had done that,He must have then called such a person Nemani Subbarao,the mystic Brahmin in our story,who despite having so many blissful divine experiences,almost everyday in his life,still longs for more and often too..

But why am I saying this now

That too after writing so much,for the past fourteen weeks,about this great mystic Brahmin..


Let me tell you..

This part and the next part are going to be the last but the most important parts of all the experiences Sri Subbarao thus far had in Basara..Secondly,these two parts are also the ones that are going to give you all a hair raising inexplicable lifetime experience..

After reading about this particular experience,in the Telugu diary Sri Subbarao had sent me,it literally took several hours for me to understand what I have read; several more hours to digest what I have read and a few more hours to assimilate the content in what I have read..

Finally,after an hour long conversation with Sri Subbarao himself,am thoroughly convinced with what all I have read in that diary..

Later,when I sat down to write this part of the story,that hour long conversation with Sri Subbarao helped me understand where and how to begin these two most crucial,most wonderful,most blissful and of course the most incredible parts of this whole story..

Dear friend..

You are fortunate enough,rather blessed enough by the holy Goddess Saraswathi Devi to read these two particular parts of this whole story therefore be prepared for a blissful,divine and an out of the world lifetime experience you are going to have,in a few moments from now,for two weeks in a row..

But before that,I request you to properly wash your eyes,face,hands and feet and sit reverentially before the system and firstly recite this all important sloka,once again,and then proceed to read the story..

“..Sara Dindhu Samaa Kaare Parabrahma Swaroopine..Vaasaraa Peetha Nilaye Saraswathee Namosthuthey .. ”

“..శరదిందు శమాకారే పరబ్రహ్మ స్వరూపినే.. వాసరా పీట నిలయే సరస్వతీ నమోస్తుతే.. (Telugu)

“..शरदिंदु समाकारे, परब्रह्म स्वरूपिणे |वासरा पीठ निलये, सरस्वती नमोस्तुते.. (Hindi)

Now relax..Take a deep breath..And enjoy reading

The first of the two most vital parts of the story..

A few days after the Maha Kumbhabhishekam was performed to the Basra temple,by the Acharyas of the holy Kanchi Mutt,Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi were much more relaxed in their daily routine in Basara and have started enjoying their stay with a little more ease..

However,Subbarao is not a man like you and me to remain contented with what he was offered by the holy Goddess therefore he’s always on the lookout for more and more divine experiences from Her,each and everyday..The Goddess too loves him the most and talks to him even today whenever he expresses any desire or doubt through his mind..

Similarly,on that morning too,in Basara,Subbarao woke up early and sat down for his daily round of meditation of the Gayathri manthra..Exactly after the completion of his meditation,Subbarao had the following doubt in his mind..

“..Beloved Mother,you are divine voice is very often audible to me but why is that your divine presence is not frequently visible to me,at least once in a day..”

In response to that doubt,Subbarao firstly heard a gentle mesmerizing smile in that room which was later followed by a musical divine female voice that said,

“My dear Subbarao..If I appear before you today,you will ask me to appear again tomorrow and then day after tomorrow and later may ask me to be in front of you forever..Okay..I will always be there in front of you but before that I want you to do something very important..If you learn to do that am then going to be with you forever..”

A fully excited Subbarao,just like a 2-year old child runs for a chocolate brought by her dad,swiftly moved forward and asked the Goddess,

“..Tell me Mother..What do You want me to do..Am ready to do anything,if You promise to stay with me forever..What else do I want in this life..Please tell me Mother..”

The Goddess smiled again and said in the same mesmerizing musical tone..

“Dear Subbarao,right from this moment start seeing me in every animate and inanimate object that you come across in your life..Remember..Am there in each and every one of them..And when am found every where around you in Nature,where’s the need for me to stay before you in an insignificant physical form Subbarao..Am I correct..??..”

Although disappointed,Subbarao understood the intended pun in the holy Goddess’s voice..Quickly prostrating on the floor in the room,he said,

“..Yes mother..I got your point..Please forgive me for my ignorance.. Right from today am going to see you and only you in every animate and inanimate object that appears before me..”

(During my brief one and half hour meeting with Sri Subbarao,at my home in the first week of January,I observed him saying ‘Parameswari’ often during our conversation..I now understand that He was seeing Goddess Parameswari everywhere around us..)

Smiling again,the Goddess said,

“Dear Subbarao,not only you but that’s also what I want every human being do..Without identifying the God,who is appearing in different forms before him,what use if a devotee comes to my Temple everyday ..”

“Most importantly,only those who learn to see God everywhere in Nature please me the most than the ones who come to my Temple everyday..Those who serve humanity and those who stand by the needy please me the most than the ones who perform rituals in my Temple ; bribe me with money and try to impress me with precious offerings..”

Saying so the divine voice disappeared..Subbarao remained unmoved in that meditation mudra for a few more minutes..

Later in the evening..

Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi went to the Gnana Saraswathi Devi Temple..Since that was the month of May and also the month of school holidays for children,many devotees find it convenient to plan their visit to Basara and in fact come there in large numbers..

On that evening too,there was a heavy rush in the Temple and Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi although got a chance to have the darsan of Goddess Saraswathi Devi,they could not however collect their daily ‘Teertham’ and ‘Prasadam’ from the Temple priests..

They tried their best to collect the sacred ‘Prasadam’ and finally after failing in all their attempts,a deeply hurt Subbarao and a fully disappointed Venkata Lakshmi walked out of the Temple with inexplicable heaviness in their hearts..

“Ever since we came to Basara we never missed our ‘Teertham’ and ‘Prasadam’ in the Temple at least on one occassion..Then why today..??..What is our mistake..??..Why is this punishment for us..Why are we not offered ‘Teertham’ and ‘Prasadam’ today by Goddess Saraswathi..”

So on and so forth were the thoughts that were wandering in Subbara’s mind while coming out of the Temple..But the great noble couple still consoled each other with a few soothing words and later left all those wandering thoughts behind them and slowly moved towards their cottages..

But unfortunately the poor Subbarao,in spite of having so many divine experiences earlier in Basara,was not aware that moment,that Holy Lord Brahma,who is going to come in the form of a Temple priest,and the holy Goddesss Saraswathi Devi are going to personally offer him ‘Panchamritha Teertham” and ‘Parabrahma Prasadam’ that night..PERIOD

There’s a tradition,rather a belief among most of the devotees who visit Basara..According to their belief, Goddes Saraswathi goes around the Temple town,during the midnight hours,and supervises everything that’s going on there in Basara…

It is for this reason alone that almost every devotee who stays in Basara for a night,prefers to sleep outdoors,under the open skies,to have the ‘Nija Roopa Darsana’ of the holy Goddess Saraswathi Devi..

Although no one knows in which exact form Goddess Saraswathi comes out but many certainly know that She,for sure,comes out of the Temple every night in some form or the other..Secondly,they also believe that the Goddess may appear in their dream some time during that night and may also give some invaluable suggestions to them..

This belief was often proved correct and was also endorsed not only by the local Temple priests but also by the number of devotees who had seen Goddess Gnana Saraswathi Devi going around Basara during the nights..PERIOD.

Ever since they came to Basara,Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi too heard about this belief and now that they are approaching the completion of their stay in the Temple town,they have decided to sleep outdoors,that night,around the main Temple area…

A few more devotees,staying along with them in the same cottages,too have decided to join them in the sleeping outdoor program that night..

Finally,at about 10 p m..

They all reached the main Temple and were shocked to see each and every inch of space,around the Temple,occupied fully by hundreds of devotees..While some of those devotees came there to follow the tradition of sleeping outdoors,some others came there to ward off the terrible heat that was there in their cottages,that time..

Unable to know what to do,Subbarao and company went in search of finding space around the Temple and after a few more minutes finally found a convenient place in a small area in front of a room..

That room is used for storing the Temple Palanquin..This Palanquin would be pressed into service when the processional deity of Goddess Saraswathi is taken out in a procession during the evenings..Looking at that Palanquin,that’s visible through the window from outside,Subbarao jocularly said,

“..Do you all know why Goddess Saraswathi has shown us this place to night..Because when She comes out to go around in this Palanquin,She may need someone like me and Srinivas to carry it and take Her around the town..”

Everyone laughed loudly at Subbarao’s innocence and retired to their beds without knowing that thee’s certainly some truth in what Subbarao had said that moment and that Goddess Saraswathi Devi indeed would go around the Basara Temple town in the same Palanquin,that night..

After about a couple of hours,everyone including Subbarao,slipped into a deep sleep as the cool gentle breeze emanating from the river Godavari was soothing their tired bodies..

Exactly at about 1 a m..

Subbarao suddenly woke up from that deep sleep state as though someone touched him and asked him to wake up..He got up in his bed; looked around; and after finding no one around him,slept again..But he got up again,may be after about ten minutes time,with the same feeling as though someone woke him up..

This time he only found darkness all around..But he was certain that someone or something touched him and woke him up..To make sure who that was,he looked deep into that darkness and then suddenly felt the hair all over his body gradually rising with fear..

He then started feeling goosebumps everywhere in the body as he saw a big white Cat staring at him in that pitch darkness..

After seeing Subbarao staring at her,the big white Cat quickly jumped and ran into darkness..Subbarao felt relieved but he could not recover from that shock for a few more minutes..There was sweat all over his body..He looked around..Everyone around him was in deep sleep..

Later,slowly composing himself,Subbarao drank a glass of water and slept again..He started slowly slipping into deep sleep..And exactly at that moment,he again woke up startled and again as though someone woke him up..

This time he was shocked to find the same big white Cat right at his feet,staring closely at him..After finding Subbarao staring at her,the Cat again ran into darkness literally signalling Subbarao to follow her..

Reading the signals..

Subbarao slowly got up from his bed,as though in a trance,started following the big white Cat..After making sure that Subbarao was following her,the Cat ran for a distance and finally took Subbarao to the banks of river Godavari..

Subbarao stood there,silently for a few minutes,staring at everything around him..He could realize that he was brought to the Godavari river bank..But he couldn’t understand why he was brought there by the white Cat..He then looked again all around and then found a little light scattered here and there..

At the same time,Subbarao also started sensing the cool gentle breeze coming from river Godavari..He also found a great assurance in that gentle breeze as it was driving away all the fear filled doubts in his mind..In addition to that,the entire atmosphere there at that moment was not only serene but was also divine..

Subbarao stood there trying to acquaint himself with the surroundings there..The big white Cat too,that brought him there,was standing quietly at a few feet distance away from Subbarao,as though waiting for someone to come..

Suddenly,Subbarao heard the sound of holy Vedic hymns emanating from the Gnana Saraswathi Devi Temple..He was shocked first and confused next..

Then he tried to analyze the whole situation..But he still was unable to understand how is that those Vedic hymns are coming at that time and who is there inside the Temple to recite them at that odd hour of the night..

As he was so observing,he saw a large object floating in the air at a distance,and slowly coming towards him..After that floating object came into the field of his vision,Subbarao noticed a couple of oil lamps placed on the front side of the object..

He kept looking at that object,without even battling his eyelids,and after it came a little closer to him realized that it’s not any unknown object but a Palanquin being tactfully carried by it’s bearers..

After it came furthermore close to him,Subbarao was shocked to find that the Palanquin doesn’t actually have any bearers carrying it and was in fact flying on it’s own..With the hair all over his body rising again with unimaginable anticipation of some inexplicable bliss

Subbarao kept staring at that flying Palanquin that was coming slowly towards him..He then found a dazzling glow in that Palanquin that’s tastefully decorated with oil lamps and colorful flowers all around ..

Unable to see that dazzling Palanquin approaching him,Subbarao quickly turned away from it and closed his eyes..

The Palanquin slowly reached Subbarao and after going slightly ahead of him,halted close to the top of his left shoulder ..After waiting with bated breath for a few more seconds,Subbarao then mustered some courage and quickly moved forward to look into the Palanquin to know who’s there inside it..

But shocking him further,a sparkling beautiful looking hand,glowing with golden yellow color,slowly emerged from the right side window of the Palanquin..

Later,placing that hand on the ‘Sahasrara chakra’ on Subbarao’s head,the musical magical mesmerizing divine female voice,which Subbarao often hears,spoke from inside the Palanquin and said..

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