Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Godess Gayatri-Part Twenty Four

Holy Hindu Goddes Adi Parasakthi

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After remembering that amazing incident – that occurred a few years ago in the Sagara Durga temple in Visakhapatnam,wherein Goddess Lalitha Devi told him about his one crore time recitation of Lalitha Sahasranamam – the mystic Brahmin Subbarao slowly opened his eyes and looked at the ever glowing face of Goddess Lalitha Devi’s deity that is there right in front of him in the Lalitha Devi temple in Naimisaranyam..

As though She knows what Her ardent disciple was at that time thinking,the Goddess Lalitha Devi too blessed him with a warm and gentle smile..There was an ocean of mercy and kindness in the eyes of the holy Goddess,during those smiling moments,which only Subbarao could notice..

Let me remind you here that Subbarao and all the other members of his team went to the Lalitha Devi temple in Naimisaranyam that day..While he was sitting in the temple and in front of the principal deity it was as though the holy Goddess reminded him,Subbarao thought about the incident that occurred in the Sagara Durga temple in Visakhapatnam,several years ago..PERIOD

After sitting in front of the holy Goddess Lalitha Devi for a few more minutes,Subbarao got up and went straight to the area in front of the Garbha Griha of the temple and prostrated before the sacred feet of the holy Goddess and recited the following most important sloka (fifth sloka),from Laitha Panchakam,in praise of Goddess Laltha Devi..

Praatar Vadaami Lalithe Tava Punnya Naama…Kaameshvareethi Kamalethi Maheshvareethi…Sree Saambhaveethi Jagataam Jananee Parethi…Vaagdevateethi Vachasaa Tripureshvareethi…
प्रातर्वदामि ललिते तव पुण्यनाम…कामेश्वरीति कमलेति महेश्वरीति…श्रीशाम्भवीति जगतां जननी परेति…वाग्देवतेतिवचसा त्रिपुरेश्वरीत…

Later Subbarao,his wife Venkata Lakshmi and their relatives reached their respective rooms in the Balaji Mandir premises in Naimisaranyam..That day went off peacefully for them with nothing much to report. .

But the next day

Occurred the most important incident in the life of the mystic Brahmin Nemani Subbarao that later led to the birth of this path breaking true story called the “shocking true story of a mystic brahmin who converses with Goddess Gayathri”..

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The next morning Subbarao woke up early in the morning and readied himself for the daily meditation of the sacred Gayathri Manthra.. Since he was not comfortable sitting on the roof top and performing the meditation there,he started performing it,from that day,in the ‘Kalyana Mandap’ (the marriage hall) of Balaji Mandir..

It’s a large but lonely hall with a flower garden overlooking the whole place..There was also lot of  silence inside the hall..Obviously Subbarao found that place a better one to meditate..

Of course there were many mosquitoes and house flies there as well however Subbarao still choose that hall due to the amazing positive vibrations he felt inside there..Those vibrations are there in the hall may be because it was almost adjacent to the garbha griha of the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara in the Balaji mandir..

Finally at about 5 a m on that morning…

Subbarao sat down for his meditation in that silent hall as casually or as reverentially as he would sit everyday..

Subbarao,however,was not aware that moment that he’s going to receive a life changing call from the holy Goddess Gayathri that day and that call in fact is going to change the entire course and future path of his life,thereafter..

Just to ward off the evil flies and mosquitoes,Subbarao sat in his usual ‘dhyana mudra’ draping himself around with a thick sheet of cloth keeping only his nostrils open..After that..Seconds started turning into minutes and minutes into hours..

With every passing minute,Subbarao went deeper and deeper and deeper into a divine state of out of the world; out of the soul and out of the body meditation not caring for the hundreds of houseflies hovering around him and thousands of mosquitoes harassing him..

It was exactly during that time..During those golden moments..And during that divine state of Subbarao that the holy Goddess and parama poojya Gayathri Amma called Subbarao..And this was what she told him that moment..

‘Dear Subbarao..Am really impressed with the way you have so far been performing your meditation in your life for the past so many years..Now the time has come for you to know why I have asked you to go to different places to perform your meditation..

That too to places like this where life is not easy to live.. Just remember Subbarao..You and all your relatives are constantly under my observation and no creature here can harm you..

Secondly Subbarao,unless you face such threatening situations in your life,you will not be geared up to perform such a huge task that am going to assign to you in the near future for the well being of humanity..

Even otherwise did you ever hear about any soldier sent to a war without being properly trained and well equipped..If a person is made to go through tremendous hardships in life doesn’t mean God is punishing him..

In fact it is important for that person to realize that God is not actually punishing him but is conditioning him for a bigger task God wishing to execute through him for the well being of humanity..Otherwise tell me Subbarao why would God make anyone suffer without a purpose..

And without understanding this intricate point in the cosmic scheme everyone blames God..How far it is correct to do so Subbarao..Why don’t you humans know that even if a person hates Him God loves him.. Leaves Him God holds Him..Curses Him God blesses him..

Surprisingly,God still remains the most misunderstood element of Nature Subbarao..

However,God is undeterred by such acts of humans and goes about performing His duties towards His creation-either the human being or any living or non living being-with love just like the way a Mother goes about performing her duties towards her child with affection..

Now here’s the most important point am going to tell you Subbarao..Pay your entire attention to me and listen carefully to everything am now going to say..Since am a Panchamukhi Gayathri,not only five is my favorite number but I have also made everything related to five number in this universe,auspicious..

Therefore Subbarao,I want you to perform,on the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year of this millennium,a “Maha Yagam” in Visakhapatnam for the well being of humanity..Remember Subbarao.. Everything related to this Yagam will have the presence of five and twenty four numbers in it..

As you may be knowing,twenty four number denotes the number of beejaksharas present in the Gayathri manthra..More importantly,you will also be fifty five years of age while performing this yagam…

Finally Subbarao,let me tell you a more important point..What all I told you until now is a divine secret therefore unless I ask you,you shall not be sharing this secret with anyone not even with your wife..”

(That means Goddess Gayathri was asking Subbarao to perform the “Maha Yagam” in the May month of 2005)

Saying so the divine voice of the holy Goddess disappeared..

See how meticulous the holy Goddess’s planning is and how perfect Her cosmic scheme is..What else do we have to ask and what else do we have to say..??..

Subbarao could not believe that Goddess Gayathri had specially chosen him for a divine task..He was just unstoppable..In a boundless joy..In an exalted state of divine ecstasy..Then suddenly Subbarao broke down into tears..Endless tears..Joyful tears..Emotional tears..And devotional tears..

For a few minutes,Subbarao remained in that inexplicably exalted state of extreme divinity which words in English dictionary cannot describe and numbers in Mathematics cannot measure..

“..Na me dvesha ragau na me lobha mohau…Na me vai mado naiva matsarya bhavaha…Na dharmo na chartho na kamo na mokshaha..Chidananda rupah sivoham sivoham..”
“..There is no like or dislike in me,no greed or delusion…I know not pride or jealousy…I have no duty,no desire for wealth,lust or liberation…I am the form of consciousness and bliss…I am the eternal Siva…”
(From His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Adi Sankaracharya’s Nirvana Satakam)

Quite ironically,problems for Subbarao and company have doubled in Naimisaranyam after that divine experience he had that eventful day..

These were the list of problems that Subbarao and company had faced in those thick and dark forests of the sacred Naimisaranyam..After reading about these problems just think how comfortable would you be if asked to go there and stay there for a few days..

Except cooking on their own,there was no option left for the group to have two square meals a day..In addition to that,there was only one large kerosene stove in the kitchen allotted to them..The ladies in the group had to cook using only that kerosene stove which would either produce large uncontrollable flames or no flames at all..

While mosquitoes,houseflies and dragonflies were common daily visitors there,frogs,scorpions and snakes were not uncommon either..

One day,a servant killed a large snake in the park,brought it dead and showed it to Mataji,the owner of the Balaji Mandir..Subbarao,Venkata Lakshmi and all their relatives were sitting right beside Mataji that moment..You can imagine what must have gone through the minds of all the noble pilgrims there…

Venkata Lakshmi literally broke down in fear and in very clear terms told Subbarao on behalf of all the relatives there…”We are not going to stay here any more…We have to leave at the earliest..Please book our return tickets immediately maasataaru..Not any more..”

Endorsing every word Venkata Lakshmi had said,all the relatives said,”..Yes Subbarao..She’s right..It’s dangerous to live here counting every minute..If some snake or a scorpion bites us there’s no doctor here to help us..The nearest doctor we have is in a place that’s forty kilometers away from this place..That too an R M P..So let’s go..”

Subbarao wanted to tell them all about the assurance given by Goddess Gayathri the other day..Since She asked him not to reveal it to anyone,Subbarao kept quiet although he was desperate to reveal it to boost their confidence..He somehow manged to convince them that day and deferred their decision of going back..

However,things didn’t get any better for the pilgrims after that day..Subbarao’s two aunts and uncles who had come there for a short stay,to perform ‘Bhagavatha Saptaham’,have left for Hyderabad after it’s conclusion leaving other members of the group in complete disarray..

But quite surprisingly,one uncle by name Venkateswara Rao and his wife stayed back to offer some assistance and support to Subbarao and others..In fact,these were the first persons,in the entire group,to propose a ‘go back’ but incidentally stayed back much to the surprise of Subbarao..Which force stopped them..???..And who knows..??..Subbarao thought

One night there was a heavy rain that literally pulled down the skies..There was water everywhere in and around the Balaji Mandir making life all the more miserable for Subbarao and company..Since there was no power supply to the mandir nor any light visible around,that time,all Subbarao had with him was an oil lantern with a very little oil left in it..

As a result of heavy rain many dangerous creatures came out of hibernation and started roaming freely,all around thus causing terror in the already fear filled minds of those poor pilgrims..They could see many snakes roaming around them..Literally every human heart there stopped functioning after watching that deadly scene..Venkata Lakshmi was the worst affected.. She was just inconsolable..

But none of them was aware that the worst is yet to come in fact the very next day..They however survived that stormy and thunder filled night reciting the names of Pandava warrior Arjuna which many of us recite during a thunder storm to ward off the fear in us..

Here are those names..Arjuna Phalguna Paartha Kiriti Dhananjaya Savyasachi Vivvachcho Vijayah Krishnaa.

Finally,one day rather one bad morning..

All the heavens broke down in Naimisaranyam and fell upon Subbarao,Venkata Lakshmi and on all the other three remaining relatives there,including Venkateswar Rao..

On that morning

A large fifteen feet snake was sighted near the Lakshminarayan Murthy statue near the Balaji Mandir.. That statue lies in a small water pond surrounded by water all around..Due to heavy rain the other night, that snake emerged from the water and was lying around the statue of Lakshminarayan..

What to do..To kill it or not to kill it..There were many large scale deliberations among the locals there..

The reason they have for killing it is “it’s dangerous” and for not killing it is “the sentiment because it is near the Murthy of Lakshminarayan”

Literally,with their hearts in their throats,Subbarao,Venkata Lakshmi and the entire group was silently watching all the proceedings there..Venkata Lakshmi,in particular,was not even battling her eyelids.. With her eyes literally popping out of her face,she stood there panicking staring at that giant snake..

Finally,after a lot more deliberations,the villagers have decided to kill the snake just in the interest of the village women and children..Later they have executed that audacious task to perfection and removed the snake from there much to the shock of everyone around..

Watching all that barbaric act live,Venkata Lakshmi went mad..Went wild..Went  crazy..And lastly broke down into endless tears..

Everyone just remained silent looking at her..

At that moment…

Venkata Lakshmi was unstoppable..

Venkata Lakshmi was uncontrollable..

Venkata Lakshmi was unmanageable..

Venkata Lakshmi was inconsolable..

And finally Venkata Lakshmi was unbearable..

Primarily for Subbarao and secondarily for all those there..

Subbarao did everything he could to pacify Venkata Lakshmi but nothing worked for him as she was hell bent upon leaving that place,at any cost,immediately..A fully agitated Subbarao had finally decided to tell her what Goddess Gayathri had told him the other day..

He knows well that only that divine assurance given by Goddess Gayathri can save his wife and console her that moment..Hence Subbarao decided to break the promise he made to Goddess Gayathri and reveal everything to his wife only to pull her out from the clutches of that fearful maniacal state..


Said the divine voice suddenly from behind Subbarao just at the stroke of the moment he was about to reveal the divine secret to his wife..A fully amused Subbarao paused and thought..

“Why not today..??..Why tomorrow..What is so auspicious about it..” Subbarao asked himself but could not find any convincing answer..

Later,with the support of everyone there,he somehow managed to pacify Venkata Lakshmi first and then referred to the Telugu ‘Panchangam’ to know the significance of that “tomorrow” the Goddess told him about,that morning..

He was shocked to know that the next day is a very auspicious day..It was not only a Saturday,the most favorite day of Lord Sri Venkateswara in whose premises they were all staying that time,but was also the 24th day of April,2004..(Remember..Gayathri Manthra has 24 beejaksharas)

But what amused Subbarao more at that moment was that it was a ‘Panchami’ and more importantly ‘Sankara Jayanthi’ the birth anniversary of Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya..(Remember..Goddess Gayathri is a ‘Panchamukhi’ and five is Her favorite number)..

Subbarao then realized that why Goddess asked him to wait until ”tomorrow”..

Later in the evening,a much delighted Subbarao sat for his evening round of meditation of the Gayathri manthra..While deep in meditation he was suddenly disturbed by the morning events and how Venkata Lakshmi went into a maniacal state after that snake killing incident..

Then he silently asked the Goddess,”Ammaa..You say I have to play a major role in performing the Maha Yagam which you are planning for the well being of humanity in future..Do you think a timid personality like me would be able to do that Ammaa..”

Suddenly the divine voice replied,”..Subbarao that is why I asked you to come and perform penance here in this most sacred place on the Earth..Any one who performs penance here acquires many powers..With these powers you will be able to perform any task in this world and my task as well..Even otherwise I will be right behind you throughout and will respond to you the moment you call me during your meditation ..”

In a humble tone Subbarao replied,”Ammaa..I know you are always there behind us to protect us every moment..So am not afraid of anything..But how will those poor souls know that Amma..They are afraid of living in this place..More particularly my wife..What do you want me to do to solve their problem..”

With a little smile this time in Her Golden voice,the Goddess mother said,”..Subbarao..Just tell everyone to say “Ammaa Gayathri’ whenever they are worried or afraid of anything here..I will be right there behind them all through the forty days of your stay here..Is that fine Subbarao..”

“Thank you very much Amma..We are truly blessed” said Subbarao folding both his hands in Her honor..

With a little more smile in her voice this time the holy Goddess then said,”..Now let me tell you one very important point Subbarao..The last time you visited the holy Tirumala Temple you made a complaint to Lord Sri Venkateswara while waiting in the long Que in the Temple complex..You said with tearful eyes..

“Swamy Sri Venkateswara..I have come here travelling hundreds of kilometers to find Goddess Gayathri in you and offer prayers to you both…Then what is this Swamy..??..You made me stand eight hours in the Que today and now You are not even offering me eight seconds of your ‘darsan’..Is this fair Swamy.. Are you in favor of only the rich people and allow only those aristocrats to offer you services..Not correct Swamy.. Not at all correct..”

Listening to your complaint,Lord Venkateswara felt very unhappy which is why He gave you a chance to serve Him and His consorts,Sri Devi and Bhudevi here in this Balaji Mandir of Naimisaranyam for eight hours a in day; meditating upon the five faced Gayathri (panchamukhi Gayathri) and reciting the 24 lettered (beejaaksharas) Gayathri Manthra ..(8x5x24)

You are doing all this sitting right in front of Him,the whole day,watching all the proceedings and sevas performed to Him in the Garbha Griha..You are also throughout your stay of forty days here going to reside in His premises..

He is also listening to you and is enjoying every song you are singing every evening here during the ‘bhajan’ program in the temple..Did you observe Subbarao..One of your relatives who wanted to go back after coming here later changed his mind and stayed back..That man’s name is Venkateswar Rao..

Your niece received you in Lucknow station and arranged vehicles for you free of cost to drop you all here..Do you remember..There is Tirumala in her name..

With so many things relating to Lord Sri Venkateswara happening in this trip,do you still want to know Subbarao who is doing all this for you or who arranged those vehicles for you or who changed the mind of your relative in the last minute..

Lord Sri Venkateswara is observing you all every moment Subbarao so do not worry about anything in Naimisaranyam..”..

Saying so the divine voice disappeared..

Subbarao was shocked..Subbarao was amused..Subbarao was baffled..Subbarao was bedazzled..

Subbarao finally raised both his hands in honor of both Goddess Gayathri and Lord Sri venkateswara and heartfully thanked both the holy Gods of this sacred  cosmicsphere for making him a tool in their divine drama..

Later in the evening,Subbarao went straight to the Garbha Griha of the Balaji Mandir and prostrated before the sacred feet of holy Lord Sri Venkateswara and His divine consorts,Sridevi and Bhudevi..While getting up he noticed a gentle smile in the ever glowing face of the holy Lord..

Exactly at that moment Mataji entered the Garbha Griha and asked Subbarao..”Subbarao garu..Don’t you find an added glow in the face of our Sri Varu today..Why is that  so..Any idea..??..”

What will Subbarao say..His eyes were filled with tears of joy and his ears with the sweet sounds of Govinda namam..

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