An Open Invitation To All For A Holy Visit To The Sacred Tirumala Temple

It is every devotee’s desire to visit the holy Tirumala Temple,at least once in a year,with his family and friends and eyefully have the darsan of holy Lord Sri Venkateswara..

I personally know many people in Mumbai who go to Tirumala Temple each and every month of the year..However,what really surprises me is not their devotion towards God but their reverential commitment towards their duty towards God..PEACE

As most of you must be knowing,about hundred and forty readers from all over the world,including from U S,Malaysia,Dubai and almost from every major city in India,have joined us on our trip to the temple town of Basara,in May,2015,in response to an open invitation that I have casually posted in March,2015..

That was a path breaking trip to Basara which had given many sweet memories to everyone..Illustrious IAS officer Sri PVRK Prasad and mystic Brahmin Sri Nemai Subbarao and his family joined us on that once in a lifetime trip..

Ever since we returned from Basara,rather during our stay in Basara,everyone started asking me about a similar trip to the Tirumala Temple..Since I was not keen on a trip immediately,I went on postponing the same for a longtime..

However,that did not stop my beloved readers from proposing the same often..Secondly,the last time I planned the visit to Basara,many readers residing in foreign countries more so in Western countries who regretted missing the Basara trip have requested me saying,

“In case you are planning another such visit in future,please bear us in mind too and plan it sometime during the month of December..Because that is the time we get Christmas holidays and that is also the time most of our Indian families come to India..”

Bearing all these points in mind,I have finally decided to plan this visit to the holy Tirumala temple in December,2015 ..

Here are the key points

This is is going to be a three day visit and stay on Tirumala Hills..In all,there would be a combination of events,sevas and visits to other places,in and around the Tirumala hills,planned during these three days of our visit…This is just to give a perfect holiday experience to all our readers and their beloved families..

Some important spiritual personalities and luminaries are expected to join us on the sacred hills..We are also planning for a spiritual congregation as well..But who are all coming..??..What will they be doing.. ??.. Whether we will be doing any event or not..??…Or will this just be a visit to the hills with all our like minded readers..??..

Well…It’s difficult to answer these questions at this point of time since we are all still at a discussion stage right now..However,will certainly let you all know everything at an appropriate stage,later..We are seriously working on a special event that would give you all an amazing lifetime experience..That’s for sure..

21st December is Vaikunta Ekadasi and there would be,as you all are aware,huge rush on Tirumala Hills and also for about two days prior to that and after that..

Keeping in view this vital point,the proposed dates,we currently have in mind are 25th,26th and 27th of December,2015..You may as well consider them as final dates because they are Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the most perfect holidays for many of you to plan your visit much in advance..

Most importantly,from the 17th of December,the auspicious month of Dhanurmasam begins which is again the most ideal time to pay a visit to Lord Venkateswara,the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu..Friday is a Pournami as well so we shall also have our first darsan on this day which again is the most auspicious day of the week on Tirumala hills..

Tirumalesa team is in negotiations with the authorities concerned just to ensure our group has separate darsan and avail the seva tickets much in advance..Remember..Please do not expect tickets to sevas like Abhishekam and Vastralankaram..They are booked decades in advance and impossible to get now..

Of course,you can expect tickets for Suprabhatham and Kalyanam and a couple of other sevas as well which are available in normal course..

Weather will be pleasant in December on Tirumala hills..Just to enjoy that heavenly weather and have a comfortable stay with your family and friends,accommodation will be arranged in top class cottages and all food and other arrangements will be top class as well..

Will keep you updated about further developments and also about the exact itinerary from time to time.. If you are interested to join us on board to enjoy this once in a lifetime spiritual bliss..

This is what you need to do..

Please send a mail to and mention in your mail who you are and where are you coming from along with the number of people coming along with you and their details as well..Since Tirumala is a very secured place you need to carry your photo id cards with you..

There will be a strict verification of the same on the hills..If you don’t have one,please apply for the same immediately..Every member should have an id card and please mention in your mail what is the id card you would be producing at the time of your arrival..

Our team shall scrutinize all the xerox copies of the id cards,much in advance,and keep the same with us for future use.Secondly,if you have applied now for a new one please mention in your mail that you have applied..Please forgive me..Anyone without a valid photo id card is strictly not allowed to join the trip..

Please also mention your address mobile number,and also WhatsApp and Facebook id..When I create a group for communication I shall add your details as well..

Please also mention in your mail what sevas you would like to avail..We shall certainly try to get seva tickets as per your requirement however we cannot guarantee the same at this stage..

Rates per person are being worked out and I shall let you know these details shortly..However,the rates we would finally announce shall include your to and fro transportation charges from Hyderabad to tirumala hills,accommodation and all food and beverage services..The charges for the sevas will have to be borne entirely by you..

Please note..We are keeping two destination points for you to choose to reach Tirumala hills..While one is Tirupathi,the second one is Hyderabad..Those who want to come to Tirupathi may come there on their own and report to our team at the place and time they are asked to report..

However,for those who are willing to come to Hyderabad,the Tirumalesa team shall arrange complete to and fro transportation in a top of the line corporate air conditioned buses which we have arranged to Basara..This is the option we would recommend to all of you because this makes things easy for us to coordinate..

Do not forget to mention in your mail where do you want to report..In Tirupathi or in Hyderabad.. ??

Finally,an important point.. 

Tirumala is a holy place that is visited by millions of people every year..Hence we need to meticulously plan each and every small thing much in advance,in fact months in advance,and carefully move forward..

Therefore please send in your confirmation mails at the earliest to .. Am not putting any deadline at this moment but there’s no guarantee that am not going to put one tomorrow..

“.SRI Mannabheeshta Varadaakhila Loka Bandho’.. SRI Sreenivaasa Jagadeka Dayaika Sindho’..SRI Devataa Griha Bhujanthara Divya Murthe…SRI Venkata Chalapathe Tava Suprabhatham..”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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