Amazing Divine Coincidences At The Miracle Man Sriram Sir’s Harvard University Meeting

Though unbelievable it may appear, God does miracles not to demonstrate His strength but to prevent us from running away from Him – Sriram Sir – The Cosmic Mystery

Some coincidences, we encounter in our life, appear just as coincidences for a long time; some turn out to be mysterious later; and some not only show great divinity inside them but will also exhibit a clear hand of God behind their occurrence.

Just as the ways of God are mysterious, so are His deeds and it is only for the human mind to comprehend the cosmic genius behind all such divine acts and decipher the spiritual code written behind them.

In an effort to do the same now, am first placing before you, three such divine coincidences and then in the end presenting my own interpretation and understanding of these mysterious deeds.

These Three Divine Coincidences

Have quite miraculously occurred on the same day of 10th, September, 2016 and also at the same place – the Harvard University, Boston, USA.. What is more mysterious about them here is,

“They all have occurred in the extraordinary divine presence of Earth’s one of the rare and the most illustrious, most enlightened and also the most accomplished spiritual personalities called Dr. Sriram Gajula”.

Well.. Some of you may now be thinking you have never heard this name before, but for your understanding let me tell you,

“Dr.Sriram Gajula is more popularly known to thousands of his well learned followers, all over the world, as Sriram Sir.. All these followers, including yours lovingly, quite reverentially consider Sriram Sir the “Diavam Maanusha Rupena” (God in human form)”.

If you still don’t want to agree with me, you just don’t need to, at least until you read the six part story series that I have written on Sriram Sir, under the title, “An Incredible True Story Of A Miracle Man Who Is Seeing Your Tomorrow”..

Now, let me quickly take you into the article..

After reading about the following three divine coincidences, readers all over the world, will certainly go into a state of amazement, however, America – the super nation where all these incidences have occurred – may not go into any such state but,

“Will certainly go into a deep thinking mode, thinking not about God nor about these incidences but about the extraordinary divine qualities of a glorious spiritual personality called Sriram Sir”.. LET THERE BE PEACE TO ALL THE BRETHREN.

Now, please continue reading this one of the most precious articles you would all be ever reading in your life which am sure shall fine tune all your devotion towards God and your inclination towards Sriram Sir.

Before That, A Humble Request

Please do not rush to read the last paragraphs of this article, instead read and enjoy each and every word carefully, becaaaaaause if you don’ttttt, you may miss out some of the most vital links that I have strategically built to connect you to the different elements of this God ordained article.. PERIOD

As many among you may have known, a day long workshop of Sriram Sir titled, “Eye On I” was held at the prestigious Harvard University – United States’ Oldest Institute Of Higher Learning – on Saturday, the 10th of September, 2016.

Many people, including quite a few readers of and a few Americans too have come that day to Harvard, from different parts of America, to attend this once in a lifetime meeting.

As is customary to Sriram Sir – known for His promptness and punctuality – this meeting too had begun promptly on time, that day.. The Eye On I concept is all about how to conquer and domesticate ego, with the underlying message, “educate but not eradicate ego”.

Sriram Sir Began His Day Long Session In Harvard 

Sriram Sir Speaking At The Harvard University
Sriram Sir Speaking At The Harvard University

By first giving an elaborate introduction to the world’s most misunderstood topic called ‘ego’ and then took his discussion a step further by posing a few thought provoking questions to the well learned attendees in the spectacular auditorium.

He then posed a few tricky questions too.. As part of that tricky questioning, Sir asked the participants, “How many among you agree if I say I have ego.. Please raise your hands and show me your consent..”..

A few among the participants have quickly raised their hands.. Then Sriram Sir had asked them, “Thank you for accepting I have ego.. Here’s my second question.. I shall say I have ego but you are responsible for my ego.. Do you still agree.. ??.. ” ..

No one had raised their hands to this question.. Then baffling them furthermore, Sriram Sir had said,

“Yes, I mean it.. You are responsible for my ego.. Let me tell you how.. Suppose am the only person living in this Boston city or for that matter in any other city in this world.. Do you think I will have ego.. ?? .. Certainly not.”

“That means if I now have ego, it is understandably so due to your presence around me.. Because, when alone am in peace with myself without any ego and when with you am showing my ego.. At least now do you agree that you are responsible for my ego.. Those who agree with me please raise your hands”..

There was a stunning silence in the auditorium for a few seconds.. It took a while for all the learned audiences there in the hall to digest the spicy fact of life Sriram Sir had just served them..

Later, applauding loudly in appreciation of Sir’s appropriate interpretation of ego, almost all those present in the auditorium have raised their hands in favor of His statement..

Smiling gently this time, Sriram Sir – owner of the Earth’s greatest smile – had quietly moved to the next point.


Here Comes The Topic That Led To The First Divine Coincidence

Legendary American Author, Ernest Hemmingway
Legendary American Author, Ernest Hemmingway

At this point, Sriram Sir had started speaking about the legendary Nobel prize winning American Author, Ernest Hemmingway (1899 – 1961) and about his polydactyl cats that are still residing at this great Author’s house in the city of Key West in Florida.


Exactly at this same point – when Sriram Sir were showing slides of Hemmingway and his polydactyl Cats – an American couple had quietly opened the closed doors of the Harvard University conference hall; slowly walked inside; and then silently settled down in their seats.

Please continue reading the article..

For those among you who do not know much about Hemmingway, let me briefly explain you about the greatness of this great American Author.. During his lifetime, Hemmingway had written quite a few short stories and novels that are forever considered classics of American literature..

In his career, Hemmingway had written many great books, notable among them being, ‘The Sun Also Rises’ ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’, ‘A Farewell To Arms’ and ‘The Old man And The Sea’ (I was greatly influenced by Old Man And The Sea, which was part of my American Literature syllabus, while I was pursuing my masters in English).

This great novel is about an ageing fisherman, Santiago, who spends eighty four unlucky days on the sea, without catching any fish, and by waging a great battle against a large fish, Marlin.. He finally ends up as “salao” – the worst form of unluckiness.

This last novel written by Hemmingway had won him the Pulitzer prize for fiction, in 1953, and the Nobel Prize for literature, in 1954.. Quite surprisingly, this American author had married four times in his life and quite ironically had ended his life, in 1961, by committing suicide.

During his living days in the Key West House in Florida, Hemmingway – who had great love for Cats – had a pet Cat named “Snowball”.. This was a polydoctyl Cat, that means a very rare variety of Cat that is born with more than the usual number of toes on one or more of it’s paws..

After his tragic death, this Key West House of Hemmingway was converted into a memorial which is now a big tourist attraction in Florida, U S.. The descendants of Hemmingway’s pet Cat, Snowball are still living in this house and are attracting the visitors in a big way.

Telling about this Key West house of Hemmingway, Sriram Sir had finally said, “Since my subject specialization is English, am greatly influenced by Ernest Hemminway’s writing style and had recently visited his Key West house and took a few snaps there with the rare six toed Polydactyl Cats.. This is an unforgettable experience for me” .. PEACE

Will tell you later what is the divine coincidence related to this topic on Ernest Hemmingway and his polydactyl Cats.. Now let us go straight to,

The Topic That Led To The Second Divine Coincidence

President Jimmy Carter
President Jimmy Carter

At this point, Sriram Sir had started speaking about the former American President, Jimmy Carter – who served as the 39th President of America between 1977 and 1981 – and about his winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.


I believe, at this exact point, when Sriram Sir had started speaking about Jimmy Carter, one of the participants in the conference hall must have certainly felt amazed and checked a particular photograph on his mobile phone gallery.

Because, he had sent this same photograph, on WhatsApp to Sriram Sir, the same evening, along with an interesting message and Sir had in turn sent it to me and am in turn presenting it in the last paragraphs of this article.

Who is that man and what is that photograph.. ??.. Will tell you all that.. But in the end.. Until then, please resist your temptation and do not rush to the end to know who this man is and what is this photograph all about.. Instead,

Enjoy reading this article..

Jimmy Carter was a simple Peanut farmer from rural Georgia who, with his tremendous efforts and hard work, had went on to become the Governor of Georgia and then the President of America defeating the Republican candidate Gerald Ford.. Carter was a Democrat.

Just on the second day of assuming office as President of America, Jimmy Carter had pardoned all the evaders of Vietnam war drafts.. It was during his tenure of office, that the two new cabinet level offices, the Department of Education and the Department Of Energy were established in America.

Jimmy Carter was also known for his bold and adventurous decisions.. As a result of Carter’s one such bold decisions, America had boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980.. Good or bad, Carter was one of the most talked about American Presidents.

In 1980, Carter lost to Republican candidate, Ronald Reagan, in the American general elections..

Later in 1982, he along with his wife Rosalynn Carter had set up the Carter Center, a non profit organization to advance human rights and to alleviate human suffering.. This Atlanta based Carter center had helped improve the quality of living of people in more than 80 countries.

Finally in 2002, Jimmy Carter had won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work “to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development” through The Carter Center.

In 2015, at the age of 91, Carter was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer but waged a tremendous battle against this deadly disease and had completely eliminated it from his body..

Even today, at the age of 92, “Jimmy Carter is the only President in the history of America who shakes his hand with each and every passenger on board and introduces himself whenever he travels by flight”.. PERIOD

Will tell you later what is the divine coincidence related to this topic on President Jimmy Carter.. Now let us go to the

Most Important Topic That Led To The Third Divine Coincidence

President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan

At this point, Sriram Sir had started speaking about the 40th President of America, Ronald Reagan and his renowned “Reaganomics”.. In fact it was while talking about Reagan that Sriram Sir had spoken briefly about President Carter just to tell the participants that Carter had preceded Reagan.

Talking about President Reagan, Sriram Sir had, at this point, narrated an interesting yet a painful incident from the life of Reagan..


I firmly believe, it must be at this same point, while Sriram Sir were narrating the following incident, a few crucial documents were signed in Washington D.C’s St. Elizabeth Hospital..

Please continue reading this article..

At 1.45 p.m, on 30th March, 1981..

The 70 – year old President Reagan, precisely on the 69th day of his assuming office as the President of America, had come to the Washington Hilton Hotel, to attend a meeting.

In those days, this hotel was considered the safest in Washington because of its secure, enclosed passageway called the “President’s Walk”, built in 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Exactly, at 2.27 p.m that day..

Reagan came out of the Washington Hotel, after delivering his luncheon address to AFL – CIO representatives in the Hotel, and was walking through, what was considered the safe “President’s Walk” area.

Walking along with him, that moment, were his White House Press Secretary, James Brady; District of Columbia police officer, Thomas Delahanty; Special Agent In Charge Jerry Per; and secret service agent, Tim McCarthy.

Despite strong advise from his secret service agents, that day, Reagan had refused to wear the bullet proof vest, saying, “The walk from Hotel exit to my Limousine is only thirty feet and that’s all would also be my public exposure.. So where’s the need to wear this heavy vest for such a short distance..”.

Had they known his future, his security personnel would have certainly warned Reagan and said, “there’s of course a need Mr.President.. You must wear it”.. Since they don’t, they didn’t compel Reagan to follow their security rule, which ended up as a colossal mistake.

Unfortunately, as Karma would have it, just when President Reagan and his hit men were fifteen feet away from their Limousine, suddenly, before they all could even realize what was happening to them,

A young 25 – year old guy by name, John Hinckley, had, within 1.7 seconds time, shot six bullets at Reagan just when Reagan was walking from in front of Hinckley, standing in the crowd, until that moment, waiting for an opportunity to shoot at Reagan.

While the first bullet hit the Press Secretary James Brady in the head; the second hit the District of Columbia police officer Thomas Delahanty in the back of his neck as he turned to protect Reagan..

And it was at this point, that Hinckley had shot the third bullet, targeting only the President, but it missed him and hit the window of a building across the street.. And right exactly at this juncture, Special Agent In Charge Jerry Parr quickly pushed Reagan into the limousine..

Then the fourth bullet hit the Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy in the abdomen as he tried to spread his body over Reagan to make himself a target.. And then the fifth bullet hit the bullet – resistant glass of the window, on the open side door of the Limousine.

Finally, the sixth bullet that unfortunately had ricocheted off the armored side of the Limousine hit the President right in his left underarm, grazing a rib and lodging in his lung causing it to partially collapse, and finally stopping exactly one inch away from his heart.

Fortunately for Reagan that day, the smart Special Agent, Jerry Parr’s prompt reaction had saved him from being hit in the head.

In the later days,

While Reagan and others survived due to prompt medical attention, James Brady – the White House Press Secretary – who was hit by the bullet in his head, remained paralyzed forever and had finally succumbed to that grave injury, in 2014, after a prolonged suffering for thirty three years.

Now, here’s the interesting story

John Hinckley
John Hinckley

Behind that assassination bid on President Reagan’s life.. John Hinckley, who shot at Reagan that day, was neither a terrorist nor a hardcore criminal with any big crime record behind him..

He was just one of those frivolous young guys who would lead a wayward life without being serious about anything in their life.. All that Hinckley wanted in those days was “to capture the whole nation’s attention by doing something really big and bold”..

No matter what, he just wanted to be talked about all over America, and become as popular as Hollywood actress, Jodie Faster.. Fine.. But why only Jodie Foster.. ??..

Hinckley became a big fan of this gorgeous Hollywood actress after watching her as a teenager prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s Hollywood classic, the “Taxi Driver”, released in 1976..

In this film, Robert De Niro plays the role of Travis Bickle, a frustrated Taxi Driver, who makes an attempt to kill senator, Palantine, but misses as he was noticed by the senator’s secret service agents much before he could even remove his Revolver out from his pocket.

Later, he’s chased by the Police.. In that chase, Travis bumps into a 16 – year old prostitute Iris, played by Jodie Faster, and saves her from the clutches of prostitution and inadvertently becomes a big hero in the eyes of her family.

It was this scene in the film that had impressed Hinckley the most.. Later, he became mad after Jodie Faster and did everything in his life to grab her attention.. He even enrolled in a writing class in the prestigious Yale University after knowing that she was studying there.

He also wrote a couple of letters to her, expressing his love for her.. However, Jodie Faster was just too big to even read those letters and had thrown them into the trash can.. A heart broken Hinckley had then decided to do something really big in his life to draw the attention of Jodie Faster..

He first thought of hijacking a flight.. Then thought of committing suicide in front of Jodie Faster just to show his love for her.. However,he did neither..

It was then, at that stage, that Hinckley remembered, ” how Robert De Niro had tried to kill a senator, in the film Taxi Driver, and in the process became a big hero in the eyes of Jodie Foster and her family”..

Hinckley had decided to do exactly the same in real life too.. First, he found how easy it is to kill an American President when he watched Jimmy Carter walking at only one feet distance away from him..

After that, Hinckley had drawn a perfect plan and finally could make a partially successful attempt on the life of President Reagan.. However, at this point, Gods thought otherwise and as a result Hinckley ended up inside the bars for more than three decades..

Ironically, just before his attempt on the life of President Reagan, this was what Hinckley had written to his favorite, Jodie Foster,

“Over the past seven months I’ve left you dozens of poems, letters and love messages in the faint hope that you could develop an interest in me..

Although we talked on the phone a couple of times I never had the nerve to simply approach you and introduce myself.. The reason I’m going ahead with this attempt now is because I cannot wait any longer to impress you – John Hinckley..”

Later, a trial was conducted on Hinckley and finally in 1982, he was found not guilty, by a federal court, by reason of insanity and was later, for many years, confined to institutional psychiatric care.. Soon after his trial, this was what Hinckley had told the media,

“My shooting of President Reagan was the greatest love offering in the history of the world, however, am disappointed because Ms.Foster did not reciprocate my love”.. PERIOD

Finally Sriram Sir said, “After Reagn was shot at, his popularity too had shot up a great deal.. Realizing this factor, such great President Reagan, without showing any ego, would often very jocularly say,” I don’t mind being shot at again if that is going to make me more popular”.. PERIOD

Sriram Sir had spoken on all the above three topics displaying appropriate visuals by using slides on the giant screen beside Him, in the Harvard University hall.

Concluding His Three Great Topics On The Three Greatest American Personalities


Sriram Sir had finally spoken these Golden words that have made almost all the participants in the Harvard University conference hall, that day, feel heavy in their hearts..

“As fate or karma would have it all these three great American personalities, who have quite majestically ruled their worlds in their prime, have seen great trauma in the fag end of their lives.. It was then that they have realized, “when times change our fortunes too change”.

Great Author, Earnest Hemmingway, who was also a great genius and a Nobel Prize winner just could not withstand the trauma that he had to go through in the last stage of his life and had abruptly ended his precious life by committing suicide..

Is this what life is all about.. Such a great genius could not stand the test of time and tried to run away from it.. What is that he had learned in life or from his writings.. Life cannot be the same always and Nature cannot stand by one forever.. Without realizing this harsh reality of life, Hemmingway had just ended his life..

Now coming to President Jimmy Carter.. He was a small time farmer who went on to become the President of the world’s most powerful Nation.. He had also won the Nobel Peace Prize.. He proved to the world how dreams can be realized..

He had also moved closely with Martin Luther King.. I was surprised to see the photographs of the two great Americans sharing their memorable moments when I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia..

Such great President Carter had to wage a great battle with Mesothelioma Cancer just to live but not to conquer.. Today, all his prayers are not for any fame or glory and not even for the President’s post of America but for only life that is full of peace and only peace.. How tragic.. ??

Now coming to President Reagan.. Reagan was once a very powerful man.. In fact he was the most powerful man to have walked on this Earth when he was President of America.. Well, even today that is what is said about the President of America..

“The most powerful man walking on our Earth”..

Such great and powerful President, Reagan, on whose name the term “Reaganomics” was introduced to American economy, had to live a life full of sorrow and suffering for a few years before his death, in 2004.

During those most painful years of his life, Reagan had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease that had completely taken away his memory.. At one stage, all his power and glory waded and he had even forgot that he was once the President of a super power called America.

Ironically, his grand daughter, whom he had helped in solving many puzzles in her childhood, had assisted Reagan in his last days and helped him perform the small deeds of his day to day life which he had completely forgot “how to perform”.

All these three great personalities, who had conquered the whole world, could not, however, conquer their time..

Just like many glorious personalities in this world failed to realize, these three great American personalities too had failed to realize that, “time and Nature are the two most powerful elements that are ruling this world and shaping our lives..”

Instead, they all were always under a pseudo impression that “we are the doers”, without realizing the cosmic fact that, “we are not the doers but Nature – the actual Doer – is making us appear as Doers to the world”..

This vital reality tool in their mind mechanism was made dysfunctional by their ego that had finally led to their suffering in life when their times and their fortunes have changed..The fact here is,

“It is Nature that creates a Character according to the needs of it’s creation and gives that Character all the abilities to perform their duties to perfection.. Once Nature thinks that Her Characters have done their job, She changes the time settings in their lives and withdraws all the abilities from them.

It is for this reason alone, many great film Directors who had once delivered many great hits in their prime could not even deliver a mediocre hit after that prime.. It is so, even though they still have the same talent and also the same caliber.. Why.. ??

Because they didn’t realize the fact that “nothing in our life not even our fame and glory last forever” and kept egoistically thinking all their life that they have achieved everything in their life..

The major problem here is, as long as we do not realize that it is Nature that is giving us the abilities to achieve, we are bound to suffer”…

Sriram Sir concluded his presentation amidst a thunderous applause from the participants.

Now, Here Are The Three Shocking Divine Coincidences

First Divine Coincidence Related To The Topic On Ernest Hemingway And His Polydactyl Cats : Sometime during the day, that day in Harvard University, the American couple, who quietly entered the Conference hall, while Sriram Sir were speaking on Ernest Hemmingway, had approached one of Sriram Sir’s friends and told him,

“Just before coming to Boston to attend Dr.Sriram’s meeting today, we went to Key West city in Florida to visit the Ernest Hemmingway house.. We had spent a good time there and have even taken a few snaps.. We have also taken a couple of selfies with the rare Polydactyl cats in that house.

Then we have come straight to the meeting today.. And when we walked into the conference hall, we were shocked to see Dr.Sriram showing the photo slides of the same polydactyl cat that we have just seen in the Hemmingway House in Key West city..

How is it possible.. We would have missed that slide if we had come even a few seconds later.. How can our times be so perfectly synced and matched.. Who did it.. Difficult to believe it’s just a coincidence..”

The friend could not answer although he knows Who did it..

And the One Who did it will never be available to provide the answer..

That is..


Perfect Maya..

Second Divine Coincidence Related To The Topic On Jimmy Carter :

jimmy-carter-with-narayana-on-flightAfter the meeting was over that day in the Harvard University, Sriram Sir had received an interesting message, along with a more interesting photograph, through WhatsApp on His mobile..

This message was sent by a participant called, Narayana.. It was this same participant whom I thought must have checked an image in his mobile phone gallery when Sriram Sir were talking about President Jimmy Carter..

Sriram Sir had in turn sent both the message and photograph to me, on WhatsApp, which am presenting here for the readers to read and enjoy.. The above one is the photograph and the following one is the message from Narayana..

“Dear Sir, I had a great time at the seminar and we are fortunate to learn these laws from you.. Thank you for spending your valuable time with us.. I had an experience while coming to Boston…

President Carter was in our plane and he came to everybody and shook their hands.. Surprisingly, you have mentioned about him in the seminar.. Just felt like sharing it with you.”

Since am finding it difficult to express my feelings here, I shall not say anything more and take you straight to the..

Third Divine Coincidence Related To The Topic Of President Ronald Reagan : This is perhaps the most shocking of all the divine coincidences that I have so far mentioned.. After the meeting was complete that day at the Harvard University, Sriram Sir were returning to the Hotel where He was staying.

During the drive, a friend of Sriram Sir had told Him,” Sir, John Hinckley who had shot at President Reagan in 1981 was released today from the Institutional Psychiatric Care of the St.Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. after spending more than three decades there..

This release occurred almost at the same time you were telling us about President Ronald Reagan and the attempt on his life..”.. PERIOD

What is more shocking here is, the Federal Judge who had ordered the release of John Hinckley from St.Elizabeth’s Hospital, had delivered his judgement on the 5th of August, 2016..

However, the legal formalities took a long time for completion and finally Hinckley was released on 10th September, 2016, on the day of Sriram Sir’s meeting at the Harvard, and also almost at the same time when He was speaking about the “President Reagan shot at” episode..

“Sir, how is this possible.. That too with such perfect timing”.. The friend asked.. Sir didn’t utter a word.. Instead, as is customary to Him, He just smiled.. As though conveying to the whole world,

“Nothing in this world happens without my consent and without my knowledge”.



What to say.. Is there anything else to say..??.. Even if you are a Nobel laureate reading this article now can you just brush these coincidences off as “mere coincidences”.. And if you still say so, may I then ask you,

“How can there be three coincidences on the same day and at the same place that too in the divine presence of an extraordinary spiritual personality Who’s known to have performed many immaculate miracles in His life that had baffled many a human brain..

Every coincidence above looks as though designed to the perfection of a script written by a great Hollywood script writer..

Now tell me..

Unless you have a Cosmic mind, is it possible for any ordinary human mind to design such big events of life, that too over which we do not have any control, so schematically and so meticulously.. ??”.

If that is the case, will you then agree, if I now say, “Sriram Sir, as is believed strongly by all His followers, is certainly the Daivam Maanusha Rupena – God in human form – and had designed all the above coincidences just the way He wanted to, to help us understand or may be the Super Power to understand,

“Free will doesn’t exist in this world.. Everything here is pre determined and well determined right from the movement of the blade of Grass to the movement of Monster”..

If you agree with what I have said now, then are you ready to further agree that,

“Sriram Sir is proving to the world that He’s not designing anything that is going to happen in our lives but is only proving to us that whatever He wills and designs shall happen in this world.. Will you agree..??”.

For any reason or logic in your mind you don’t choose to agree with whatever I have so far said about Sriram Sir, then my dear Novel Laureate, I shall certainly not struggle to convince you..

Instead all I would say is, “Wish you good luck Sir.. You are a much wiser man than I.. Please move ahead in life the way you want to”..



After Sriram Sir had narrated the above three divine coincidences to me, over phone, on the divine morning of 7th of October, 2016, I have, with a great hesitation in my voice, asked Him,

“Sir.. Who are Hemmingway, Carter and Reagan.. Mere human beings.. But please tell me.. Is this not you Who had designed all these three divine coincidences.. Or do you still want this humble Daffodil at Your feet believe that You have no role to play in these coincidences.. ??..”

Sriram Sir..

Didn’t deny..











“Aditya, a divine coincidence is an effort on the part of God to prevent Himself from getting misunderstood by His lesser wise and ignorant devotees”..


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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