Shocking Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Godess Gayatri-Part Twenty Nine

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“..God dances with those who sing; smiles with those who are happy; weeps with those who are in pain; cries with those who are in tears; walks with those who are in trouble; stays with those who are ill; and lives with those who are dying..But ununderstandably so God still remains the most misunderstood element of Nature..”

This is what I believe and reverentially propagate among all my friends and family members..However,I know that only those who are destined to believe this theory would believe it and those who are not shall not..

It’s no matter what the people’s priorities and beliefs now are but am sure am destined to believe this theory all through my life just because it’s a theory that I have formulated after spending many difficult phases of my life on the study of spirituality and understanding of God..

Well..If this is what I expect every ordinary human being believe and follow then what is that I can now tell someone extraordinary like our mystic Brahmin Nemani Subbarao and his wife Venkata Lakshmi to follow when they themselves are in constant communion with Goddess Gayathri..???..Right..??

Do I really need to tell them anything now..I may never need to..

Then why is that Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi are in constant fear mode in Naimisaranyam in spite of getting repeated assurances from Goddess Gayathri that “they are being constantly watched by Her and protected by Lord Hanuman..”

It is so because they too are ordinary human beings like you and me and are always masked by a spell of maya or delusion..

As you all may be knowing those who are under the spell of Maya

“..Cannot see what is happening in front of their eyes; cannot do what they want to do; cannot speak what they want to speak; cannot discriminate between good and bad; cannot think logically; cannot be wise in their decisions even though they have enough wisdom to do so; Cannot resist themselves from doing things which they otherwise never wanted to do; and cannot remain calm even though there’s great calmness all around them..”
Nirupam anithya niramaskhepya khande…Mayi chithi sarva vikalpanadhi soonye…Ghatayathi Jagadheesa jeeva bhedham…Thwagathitha ghatanaa patiyasi maya
(From Maya Panchakam By His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya)

This was exactly what was happening to Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi in Naimisaranyam during their forty days of stay there in 2004..

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Subbarao,as you all may be remembering,was told by Goddess Gayathri that “..He was sent to the sacred Naimisaranyam forests to prepare himself for a “Maha Yagnam” which the holy Goddess wants him to perform,for the well being of humanity,for five full days in the fifth month of the fifth year of the new millennium..”

Subbarao desperately wanted to reveal this secret to his wife Venkata Lakshmi when she was shivering with fear after finding a large 15 feet snake killed in front of her..Then you must also be remembering that,exactly at that moment,the holy Goddess said “TOMORROW”..

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That tomorrow had finally arrived on the 24th of April 2004 and on that day Subbarao had decided to reveal to everyone,in his group,about the secret behind their visit to Naimisaranyam..He wanted to share with them everything that Goddess Gayathri had told him about the”Maha Yagna”..

Firstly,on that day,Subbarao sat in his daily meditation of Gayathri Manthra for almost three hours..

Then he got up and visited the nearby Balaji Mandir and offered his prayers to Lord Sri Venkateswara,in the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple..Later,he slowly walked back to their room in Mataji Ashram..

As he was walking back,Subbarao found large thick black clouds gathering momentum in the North Eastern corner of the Naimisaranyam skies..Although the distance between Balaji mandir and the room was not much,a more worried Subbarao walked hurriedly and reached the room in a much quicker time..

But it already started raining heavily there,creating great darkness all around..

Looking worriedly at the darkness filled skies,Subbarao,Venkata Lakshmi and all others stayed shivering in the room..They all know well that after every heavy rain in Naimisaranyam,not only does the power go off for days but also many dangerous reptiles and poisonous snakes would emerge out from hibernation..

Counting every minute and observing water accumulating all around them,in the ashram,Subbarao and others just remained confined to the room for the day..

It that fashion it rained heavily for several hours in Naimisaranyam that day and at about 7 p m,it slowly subsided and had gradually stopped down..

But considerable damage was already done there..

Due to that heavy rain,power supply was badly disrupted in the dense Naimisaranyam forests..As a result the entire forest range started reeling under pitch darkness..Subbarao and others know well that they have to live in that darkness for at least three more days to come..

The ladies lighted a couple of oil lamps but that light was hardly sufficient to carry out their cooking and other dining activities..

With great fear gripping his mind,Subbarao started looking all around his visible zone and was trying to assess the situation..

Except pitch darkness all around him,his eyes could not see anything there..

He was afraid a snake or some other reptile may emerge from anywhere anytime..May be there’s already one crawling all over around them in that room..Who knows..???…

Subbarao was worried..With sweat running all over his body,he was going restless but was still trying to hide his fear..

( Describing that darkness filled night to me this was what Sri Subbarao recently said “..ఏవండీ..గాడాంధ కారమంటే ఏవిటో.. నిభిడాంద కారమంటే ఏవిటో ఆ చీకటిని చూసినప్పుడే తెలిసింది..ఎంతటి వారినైనా భయ పెట్టే శక్తి ఆ చీకటిలో ఉందేమో అనిపించింది..ఇంక మేమెంత.. )

If that was the mental state of a noble man like Subbarao,who received so many safety assurances in the past from Goddess Gayathri Herself,you can imagine what must be his wife Venkat Lakshmi’s mental condition that time..

She was just indescribable..

A personification of fear..

With heavy winds lashing them from all the corners of the forests they could not focus on anything in the room..

Suddenly bursting down into great tears Venkata Lakshmi told Subbarao..

“..I told you we should not come to these dangerous forests..You didn’t listen to me..After coming here I told you again that we should go back immediately..You didn’t listen to me..Now see what is happening here..We don’t know from which corner which snake emerges and attacks us..Oh God..How are we going to survive this night.. ??..”

Trying to convince her,Subbarao said in a low and hesitant tone,”Lakshmi..Don’t worry..Mother had sent us here..She will take care of us..In fact She’s taking care of us even now..”

“Maastaaru..We are struggling in darkness here,surrounded by so much of rain water,without knowing which snake eats us away which moment,and you say Mother is taking care of us..???..First of all why did She send us here..??..” almost shouting Venkata Lakshmi asked Subbarao…

Still in a low and convincing tone,Subbarao replied,”Lakshmi..Allow me to explain..There’s a reason for that too..”

Interrupting him midway,Venkata Lakshmi said,”..What reason..I don’t see any reason Maastaaru..We are just wasting our time here..Now I also doubt whether we can survive this night or not..”..

Saying so Venkata Lakshmi broke down into furthermore tears..Consoling her,Venkateswar Rao,an elderly uncle of Subbarao said,

“Ammaa Lakshmi..Please control yourself and allow Subbarao to say what he wants to say..If you don’t like it,I shall on my own book return tickets for us tomorrow..”

Quickly interrupting him,Venkata Lakshmi said.”To see that tomorrow we have to first survive this night Maavayya garu..Sorry for saying this..”..

Suddenly there was an unbearable silence in that room after Venkata Lakshmi had said that..

Subbarao couldn’t say anything although he was waiting to say a lot since morning..

In a way,with so much of disturbance all around him,he had fully forgotten that…

For a few more seconds there was only one question that was tormenting everyone’s mind there..

“..What if we can’t survive this night..??..”..

Then it happened..A sort of a miracle rather..Suddenly there was a very heavy and continuous lightning all around the place as though the skies of Naimisaranyam have lit up..For a few moments,that powerful lightning had driven away all the darkness there..

All those in the room could clearly see everything around them..Much to their relief they didn’t find any snake there except big puddles of water everywhere..A much relieved Venkata Lakshmi,then looked at her husband..

She was surprised to see a frozen Subbarao standing in one corner of the room and constantly gazing at the portrait of Goddess Gayathri that’s kept in the pooja mandap in the room..

But what was Subbarao seeing..???…

Subbarao,at that moment,without even battling his eyelids,was looking at the eyes of Goddess Gayathri which were telling him

“..How many more assurances you want from me Subbarao..Come out of Maya and focus on what I have told you to do..Tell your wife right now why I have called you here..”

Did Goddess’s eyes really convey that message to Subbarao that moment..Or was it just his imagination..

Who knows..???

However,it all happened in a few seconds..

The flashes of lightning suddenly stopped and suddenly there was pitch darkness all around again..But there was great relief in everyone’s mind there..

Subbarao quickly opened his eyes..Not the eyes of his body but the eyes of his mind..He then shook his head and looked all around..Eventually,there was darkness all around but Subbarao’s mind was filled with a bright light which he was thoroughly enjoying at that moment..

That bright light,which only great souls like Subbarao are gifted with,was constantly guiding Subbarao towards his duty and reminding him of his noble goals..

Suddenly the whole atmosphere in the room was much more relaxed for everyone..

With a gentle smile on his lips,Subbarao said,

“..Lakshmi..You wanted to know why our Mother Gayathri had asked us to go to Naimisaranyam..Right ..??..She had sent me here on a divine duty..On a very big divine task..She told me about it a few days ago but asked me to wait before revealing it to everyone..She wanted me to tell you all today..May be She thought that there can’t be a better situation than this for doing that..”

“What was that Maastaaru..Reveal it quickly.” with a great excitement in her voice,Venkata Lakshmi asked Subbarao..

Subbarao continued..There was a little shivering in his voice that time which everyone noticed..He said..

“..Mother said that I have been chosen by Her to perform a “Maha Yagnam” for five days in the fifth month of the fifth year of this millennium..It means exactly after one year in the month of May,2005.. She said She wants me to conduct that Yagnam for the well being of humanity..She also said that I would be playing the main role in performing that Yagnam..”

Subbarao paused and looked at Venkata Lakshmi just like an innocent school boy looks at his favorite teacher after replying to a tough question..

There was an embarrassing silence in the room for a few seconds..

Breaking all that silence,Venkata Lakshmi burst into a huge laughter and said..

“.Hahahaa..Maastaaru..You..And performing a Mahaaaaa Yagnam..That too for five days..??..Stop joking Maastaaru ..Don’t say it loudly..If someone outside listens to you they may laugh at you saying that the poor brahmin tuition master is playing tricks in the name of Goddess Gayathri to collect money from devotees ..Forget it..We are happy living like this and let us continue doing so..”

A deeply hurt Subbarao,trying to compose himself,replied,”..Lakshmi..Never play jokes with Goddess’s plans..It is Her decision and not my decision..Am only trying to implement what She asked me to do..Or else who am I..??..I know am a poor Brahmin tuition master and cannot on my own take up such a huge task..But am sure She would guide me all through the task..”

Tendering her apologies,Venkata Lakshmi quickly said with tear filled eyes,”..Maastaaru..Am so sorry.. It’s not at all my intention to hurt you…Am only worried about what people talk about you..I don’t want the best husband in the world to be criticized by the people he loves the most..That’s all..”

Subbarao,this time wearing a smile on his lips,said,”..I know that and am weary too Lakshmi..But am confident Goddess has some meticulous plans for the whole project and am sure She would also guide me accordingly..”

Venkata Lakshmi immediately said..

“..Then please ask our Mother tomorrow to tell you about the noble person who would head this “Maha Yagnam”..Because it requires a great personality with some exceptional organizational skills to conduct an event of this magnitude,for five days..How can you all alone accomplish such a huge task..”,

“..You are right Lakshmi..Without a proper support and leadership of a great personality how can I plan or conduct such a “Maha Yagnam”..I shall ask our Mother the same tomorrow..” replied Subbarao..

And at that point..

The conversation concluded..

The darkness filled night concluded..

The agony filled moments too concluded..

The Next Morning…

Subbarao woke up early and sat in a peaceful meditation of the Gayathri Manthra after rightfully performing the “Sandhya Vandanam”..

Then went deep into meditation..

Oblivious to every happening around him..

At that time..

The Nature was just picture perfect..

There was great and bright early morning Sunshine all around..

The skies were Blue in color with a hue of Orange color appearing here and there..

The birds were making sweet noises..

The Cuckoos were humming melodious tunes in Carnatic Raag Bhoopalam in praise of the holy Sun God..

Surprisingly,every living creature in Naimisaranyam,at that moment,was observing Subbarao..

They could sense some amazing cosmic occurrence in front of them,in a few minutes..

Unaware of all the cosmic drama taking place around him..

Subbarao was going deeper and deeper into meditation..

With only one single thought constantly beating the inner walls of his mind..

“..Ammaa..Please tell me..Who is that person who could help me and guide me in performing this “Maha Yagnam”..Please tell me who is that person who would lead from the front and organize this whole event Please tell me Ammaa..Who is that person who’s capable of raising money for this whole event..Ammaa.. Who..??..Who..??.. Who..??..Please tell me Ammaa..Please tell me..”

Subbarao was thinking..Subbarao was meditating..Subbarao was thinking..Subbarao was meditating ..Subbarao was thinking..Subbarao was meditating..Subbarao was thinking..Subbarao was meditating..



The divine Mother Goddess Gayathri spoke..

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