Shocking Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Godess Gayatri-Part Twenty Five

A Symbolic Representation Of Hindu Gods

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“..Gods are all united…It’s only we – the mindless inhumans – who are dividing them..”..

Suddenly what made me say this now..Ratherrr..Why did I say this now..Well..You will all any how come to know about this,in course of reading this story,but before that,let..

First Things Be First

In spite of being extremely careful,devotional and attentive,while writing each part of this life changing story of the mystic Brahmin,am still committing some mistakes,although inadvertently..

I have committed one such unignorable mistake in the previous part of this story wherein I mentioned that the holy Goddess Gayathri told the mystic Brahmin Subbarao,the following..

“..Therefore Subbarao,I want you to perform,on the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year of this millennium,a “Maha Yagam” in Visakhapatnam for the well being of humanity..Remember Subbarao.. Everything related to this Yagam will have the presence of five and twenty four numbers in it..”

In fact..It should have been this way..

“Therefore Subbarao,I want you to perform a “Maha Yagam” in Visakhapatnam – for five days in the fifth month of the fifth year of this millennium – for the well being of humanity..Remember Subbarao.. Everything related to this Maha Yagam will have the presence of five and twenty four numbers in it.”

(The holy Goddess had not given any date for the Maha Yagam but had only said “…for five days in the fifth month i.e May month”..Thankfully,Sri Subbarao brought this error to my notice which I sincerely thought should place before you..Please forgive me Sri Subbarao garu and my beloved readers for this small but a grave error..Sincere apologies)

Now..Let us come back to the main story..

Honestly,how many of you know that there’s a strong divine connection between Goddess Gayathri and the holy Lord Sri Ram..I know many of you do not..Or may be many of you do know a great deal about it..

Whatever,let me tell you here a divine secret that confirms the divine connectivity between the two most divine Hindu personalities..PERIOD

Valmiki’s great epic ‘Ramayana’,in all,contains twenty four thousand slokas and when all the first letters of every thousand slokas in this one of it’s kind Indian classic are added together and read,believe me,we get the sacred Gayathri Manthra..

Confused..??..Let me explain..The first letter of the beginning of the first sloka of the first bunch of the thousand slokas in ‘Ramayana’ has the first beejakshara of the twenty four beejaksharas of the Gayathri Manthra..

Similarly the next bunch of each one of the twenty three thousand slokas in ‘Ramayana’ too have the subsequent twenty three beejaksharas of the Gayathri Manthra in their beginning..Got my point..??.. Thus these first letters of Ramayana together form the Gayathri manthra..

This is the importance sage Valmiki had attributed to the revered Gayathri manthra in his magnum opus and this is also the respect holy Lord Sri Ram wanted his beloved sage Valmiki to offer to His dear Mother Goddess Gayathri..PERIOD

Now,can you believe me if I say that ..

“Mother Goddess Gayathri was observing the mystic Brahmin Subbarao right from his childhood in fact much before Her direct entry into his life in 1980..

Can you also believe me if I say again that Goddess Gayathri had actually sent Her beloved son Sri Ram into Subbarao’s life eighteen years before She entered his life..”

To know all that I will have to first take you all to the year 1962

Fifty three years behind the current time,and tell you about the heart wrenching and stomach churning life our beloved mystic Brahmin Subbarao lived in those days,as a twelve year old boy..

Subbarao’s father,Nemani Jagannadham and mother Sitaramam were not only very great couple but were also very great devotees of Lord Sri Ram and would attribute everything,in their life,to His holy grace..

In those days,Jagannadham used to work as a small time clerk under an advocate in Visakhapatnam..

Jagannatham never had any regular monthly income and would depend entirely on the meager sums some of his boss’s clients would offer him for the petty services he rendered to them..With two daughters and three sons to feed at home,life was never easy for the noble couple of Sitaramam and Jagannadham..

In fact it was way far from many basic comforts of normal human life..Now if I have to be brutally rather pathetically frank here,the family of Jagannatham never had two square meals in a day for many many months in an year..

Paradoxically,on the other side,Jagannatham as a great devotional singer would sing many great songs on Lord Sri Ram during bhajans..He had a big fan following in those days of Visakhapatnam and his fans would actually throng the venues whenever he would give a concert..

Jagannatham also used to perform in “Ekahams”, “Triyahams” and “Saptahams” those days..(In Ekaham a bhajan would be performed non stop by groups for a day; in Triyaham for three days and in Saptaham for an entire week of seven days)

Although many singers take part in all such special bhajan programs,Jagannatham would always be the most sought after singer and was by and large the lead singer who would keep all the listeners glued to his program with his amazing devotion and unique style of rendering..

Unfortunately,all that his singing talent and his devotion towards Lord Sri Ram could earn Jagannatham those days was only a little name and a little more fame but not a single rupee..



Not a single r..u..p..e..e..e..e..e..e

Things went from bad to worse in Jagannatham’s life after he performed his eldest daughter’s marriage, in 1962..Poverty started spending more time in Jagannatham’s house than in any other lower middle class house in Visakhapatnam..

Water was consumed more by the entire family,of two elders and four children,than the staple food rice during their lunch and dinner sessions…While many Telugu families take a little water in between their rice consumption,the family of Jagannatham used take a little rice during their water consumption..

Godddddddd…What a pathetic life..??..

The 12-year old Subbarao,who became the eldest in the family after his eldest sister left their home after her marriage,used to observe everything in his house,very silently..

He had already by then completed the course of “Rashtra Visarada” in Hindi and would often read the popular literary works of renowned Hindi writers like Munshi Premchand and Maitthili Saran Gupta..

With tears in his sparkling eyes and a great unmentionable pain in his tender heart,Subbarao always used to observe in all silence not only the sheer helplessness in his devotional father’s voice – when he was standing penniless in pocket in front of his mother and giving her explanation about it – but also the humble response of his mother,in all devotion,to her beloved husband’s helpless situation..

Life in those days was a living curse for the entire family of Jagannatham and his four children with no sight of relief coming from any corner of the world quite surprisingly not even from their beloved Lord Sri Ram whom the entire family unconditionally offers prayers..

Does Lord Sri Ram Really Exist Or Is He Just A Fictional Character..??

Subbarao used to ask himself this question everyday nay every minute nay every second after seeing the amount of problems escalating in his house everyday..Things were never the same on any given day in Subbarao’s house nor were they stable at all for many years..

On one day life in Jagaanatham’s would be like this..

While going to office,Jagannatham would pause at the entrance of his home and tell his wife.,,(If living in a big room is also called living in a home then the family of Jagannatham was certainly living in a home..)

“Ramau..Our beloved Lord Sri Ram had given only two rupees for us today..Don’t know how you are going to manage the house with this amount..”..Saying so,Jagannatham would then leave the house with his head down without looking at his wife’s face again..

Seeing her husband’s helpless condition all that the great noble wife would say was.”Raamaaa” and heave a great sigh of inexplicable agony…Subbarao used to observe everything with pain his beloved mother was going through that moment…

Later,that great lady Sitaramam,who was fondly called “Ramau” by her beloved husband Jagannatham, would turn to her beloved son Subbarao and say giving him that two rupees note,”.. నాన్నాపంతులూ.. రామా కొట్టుకెళ్ళి కొంచెం బియ్యం కొంచెం కందిపప్పు,రాముడి కొట్టుకెళ్ళి బొగ్గులు తీసుకురా.. ఒక వేళ డబ్బులు తక్కువయితే ఏదో సర్ది చెప్పు నాన్నా ..”

(Beloved Subbarao..Go to Ramu’s grocery stores and buy some rice and a little toor dal..Then go to our Ramudu’s coal stores and buy a little quantity of coal..Please manage my beloved son in case you fall short of any money..)

Just because he did not want his beloved mother know that he had noticed her tears,Subbarao would humbly nod his head; quickly grab that invaluable two rupees note from her hands and run to the market and used to somehow manage and bring all that his mother wanted him to bring home..

What is most surprising here is that,all those merchants of those days Vizag who would generously help Jagannathrao’s family with all the essential daily needs even though he never paid money to them on time,had the name ‘RAM” in the name of their shop or business establishment..

It means there was a bit of “Sri Ram” in everything the life of Subbarao and his family were leading those days..

However,life was not always like that in the house of Jagannatham everyday..Sometimes it was worse more worse than what it was the previous day..

Like this..

Jagannatham,while leaving the home for office,would pause at the entrance door and tell his wife,who with all the hope in the world,would accompany him up to the door that at least on that day her husband gives a ten rupee note and say “Ramau..Our Sri Ram had given this for us today..Be happy..”..

On the contrary,Jagannatham,very pathetically hiding his face from his wife,would say,”..Ramau..Our Sri Ram had not given us anything today..So I don’t have anything to give you..May be He is putting our devotion to test..Don’t know how you are going to manage the house today..”

Saying so he would briskly walk away from her without even showing his face again to her..The poor noble lady would never utter a word nor would question her husband’s inability any time..

In turn she would close her eyes for a moment; say “Raamaaa”; and then heave a huge sigh of an inexplicable misery and pain..

However,Subbarao used to observe everything with tear filled eyes..

It was during those moments of pain,that he would silently go and sit in the one and only lonely window of his house and do some self counselling,looking at the distant heavens; then go to his mother and offer her some strength..

Embracing her most beloved son,during those priceless moments of love,the poor lady would then break down into uncontrollable tears..

Subbarao would then get up..Go out..Use all his talent and wisdom..Convince all the merchants.. And then bring home small portions of cheap rice,daal and a little quantity of wood stock or coal to burn the stove..

But how long shall life move like that for anyone or for any family..??..

Unfortunately,there was no improvement in Jagannatham’s income nor any change in the miserable conditions at his home but there was a large change in the attitude of the grain merchants towards Jagannatham’s family..

They stopped believing in the vague promises made by Subbarao and refused to part with any more rice or other ingredients,after some point of time,saying,”Clear the old dues first and take the new stock..”

Subbarao was aghast..What can a 12-year old boy do during such conditions..He would return home and told everything to his mother..

Incidentally,on one such tragic day,when Subbarao returned home empty handed,his dear mother had already cooked some rice and kept it ready for all her children to send them to school..

At the time of taking meals,Subbarao asked his Mother,”..Ammaa..What about you..??..You have your lunch everyday with us..Then why are you not having today..??..”

With a smile she said,showing another closed steel vessel,”My dear..I have cooked separately for myself and your father and kept the rice in this vessel..He said he will come for lunch today..We both shall have it..You don’t worry..Go to school..”

Saying so,she had forcibly sent her dearest son to the school that day..

But Subbarao knows his beloved mother more than anyone else in this world..

Although he left for school he still had a doubt in his mind ..

He slowly turned back and returned home,after walking some distance,and walked silently into the kitchen; opened the steel vessel in which his mother had supposedly kept some rice for herself and his father and quickly closed his eyes to block the tears that his broken heart was trying to push through..

The steel vessel was empty..

In fact that steel vessel was empty for many previous days too during which days Subbarao’s mother would tell the same story to Subbarao every morning and forcibly send him to school..

Subbarao sat down heart broken..

It was exactly at that moment,Subbarao found his mother drinking a large jug of water which she went and brought from their neighbor’s house..

And it was while drinking that water that she too had noticed her son Subbarao and stood in a frozen state..

And exactly at that point,a heart broken Subbarao too could not block his tears any more and broke down inconsolably..

Then,the great noble lady Sitaramam quickly rushed to her son; pulled him close to her heart and later while embracing him said “,నాయనా పంతులూ కస్టాలు కలకాలం వుండవులే నాయనా.. ఆ శ్రీ రాముల వారు వస్తారు.. తప్పకుండా వస్తారు నాయనా.. నమ్మిన వాళ్ళకు ఆయన ఎప్పటికీ  అన్యాయం చేయరు.. నన్ను నమ్ము నాయనా..”

“Beloved Subbarao..Nothing lasts forever..Not even our troubles..Our dear Lord Sri Ram shall come.. Shall certainly come..He will never let down His devotees who have immense faith in Him..Please trust me my dear..”

“..I know Mother he will come but when will He come..”

Subbarao wanted to ask his mother but did not.. He just could not..Because he didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the most innocent mother in the world and in turn disturb the faith she has in her beloved Lord Sri Ram..PERIOD


God knows whether Lord Sri Ram comes into their lives or not but the biggest problem,they have not seen for a longtime,had silently entered their lives that afternoon when Jagannatham came home and told his wife..

“..Ramau..Four members of our bhajan troupe,who had come all the way from Vizianagaram,said they would come to our house for dinner today..But today too our Sri Ram had not given us anything..I don’t know how you are going to manage the dinner this evening..”

Saying so,Jagannatham quickly rushed into the bathroom..

Both Subbarao and his mother know very well that Jagannatham didn’t rush into the bathroom for any emergency call but only to hide his face from his most beloved ones..

Subbarao quickly looked at his mother..She was in a deep state of shock then..He quickly went close to her..Put his tender arms around her and gently shared his warmth with her..

Then she slowly turned her head towards her son..

And kept looking at him..Looking at him…Looking at him..Looking at him..And looking at him..With tears..With agony..With pain..Above all…With utter helplessness…PERIOD

But less do the beloved mother son duo knew at that moment that their beloved Sri Ram was observing their agony that moment and had in fact sent that acute crisis that day as a harbinger of His arrival into their house..

But how and when..??

P S : While writing the name “RAMAU” I clearly felt my beloved mother,who’s not among us today,was constantly reminding me the following 43rd sloka from “Vishnu Sahasranamam” which she taught me when I was a five year old boy..

“..Ramau viraamo virajo maargo neyo nayo nayahaa..Veerah sakthi mataam sreshto dharmo dharma viduttamah..”

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